…us msm, and theatre of the absurd…

…a narrow range of topics of seeming importance, and enters the cast of characters on stage…

And what characters, these. Where can we start? Let’s try here. Over at fdl we get, What’s The Point: MSNBC Interrupts Former Congresswoman for Justin Bieber Breaking News

It’s not uncommon for guests on any news program to get bumped for “breaking news” but imagine hormer congresswoman Jane Harman’s surprise when she realized the news for which her NSA segment got bumped was the arrest and subsequent booking of Canadian Popstar Justin Bieber.

And along with that interviewer, therein lies the ‘Balloon Boy’, the Loch Ness Monster mindset of the US MSM. But there is a ‘sting’ in this. Read the rest of this entry »


…october, all over?…november, remember?…

…that ill wind that blows some, but not enough, discomfort to the 1%…

So, Wall Street ruled the roost completely from 2009, and without pretense. From 2013 the ICT and security folk would get more into the action, and without pretense. A glance at opensecrets.org allows for some comparison with the statistical analysis done by a team of analysts in their post over at nextnewdeal.

What roost? We let the authors, Tom Ferguson, Paul Jorgensen, Jie Chen, assist us with the economics of this national security and ‘terrizm’ thing, Who Buys the Spies? The Hidden Corporate Cash Behind America’s Out-of-ControlNationalSurveillanceState

…Reelect President Obama, they argued, or Big Brother might be back.

But that’s not how this movie turned out: The 2012 election proved to be a post-modern thriller, in which the main characters everyone thought they knew abruptly turned into their opposites and the plot thickened just when you thought it was over.

In early June 2013, Glen Greenwald, then of the Guardian, with an assist from journalists at The Washington Post, electrified the world with stories drawn from documents and testimony from Edward Snowden, an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton working under contract with the National Security Agency, who had fled the country. They broke the news that the U.S. government had been collecting vast amounts of information on not only foreigners, but also American citizens. And the U.S. had been doing this for years with the cooperation of virtually all the leading firms in telecommunications, software, and high tech electronics, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Verizon, and Facebook. Sometimes the government even defrays their costs.

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