…30 april, 2015, yet another day in infamy?…

Momentous week. And not just Baltimore. Today is 30 April. Two days earlier, on 28 April, 50 years ago the United States invaded the Dominican Republic. And in yet another of its great adventures for ‘freedom’ or whatever, several thousand innocent Dominicans would lose their lives.

Both items from teleSURtv.

50th Anniversary of the US Invasion of the Dominican Republic

Dominicans Ask US to Apologize for 1965 Invasion

Not much from the US MSM on that little matter. Nor from the invading power for that matter.

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the US Defeat and the Legacy of its Brutal War against the people of Vietnam. Still, that that Pyrrhic victory would cost the Vietnamese dearly – some three million slaughtered, tons of chemical defoliants, napalm and Agent Orange dumped on its vegetation, in its soil and waterways that continue to show their intended evil in significant and continuing health problems and birth defects

The US had dropped three times the tonnage of bombs on Vietnam than was dropped in all of World War II. It will require some three centuries to locate and defuse those bombs dropped by the US. Former US Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara would late in life express his ‘regrets’, which, mirabile dictu, did make all well again. Read the rest of this entry »

…good mourning, vietnam! no lie…

…as the past just keeps interrupting and correcting the us narrative, from asia to america…

This week we have the awkward commemoration of yet another event of so many for which the US has gained additional infamy.

This is the My Lai Massacre, which never took place, and which, when revealed to have indeed taken place, was declared to have been the ‘actions of a few bad apples’, ‘rogue soldiers’. The US military officer in the field, not those culpable in the headquarters, responsible for the atrocities would be much later convicted and sentenced to jail but serve a mere few months – proof of the US system of justice. Read the rest of this entry »

charon, cerberus, full employment guaranteed in a weak US economy…

A tragic event, indeed.

British parliamentarians, more representative of their constituents than their counterparts in the US, created unforgivable chaos by voting against another Western imperial adventure against a secular Moslem and Arab country. Chaos, that is, if we mean avoiding gratuitous but lucrative death and destruction. And worse, with that decision and the recent initiative of Russia to seek UN control and destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons, the community of civilised nations now has the unintended opportunity to reflect on that very rare ‘Wait a minute’ moment regarding ‘the Knight in Shining Armour avec Son Plus Vieux Allie mais sans Caniche’ thing. We find the Beacon of Democracy, Freedom, Justice and Superman in a spot of bother.

The most charitable review comes through – though ‘charitable’ would be damning were this column, Obama’s rogue state tramples over every law it demands others uphold, from The Guardian ignored. Just one excerpt:

But now, as the veto powers of two permanent members (Russia and China) obstruct its attempt to pour petrol on another Middle Eastern fire, the US suddenly decides that the system is illegitimate. Obama says: “If we end up using the UN security council not as a means of enforcing international norms and international law, but rather as a barrier … then I think people rightly are going to be pretty skeptical about the system.” Well, yes.

Here, the pace picks up. A case of ‘rogue nation’ – a soliloquy when the messenger of death speaks? And, without the distraction of another ‘Shock and Awe’, the world can reflect on the definition of rogue nation and war monger. At FDL, a plea to Just Say No

This lack of trust in the government goes much further back than just the ten years ago run up to invading Iraq based on lies and half truths. It goes back beyond the Gulf of Tonkin “incident.” It goes back beyond the recent admission by the CIA that they helped over throw an elected Iranian government in 1952, installing the Shah; eventually leading to his overthrow, the attack on the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 and the stand-off between the US and Iran that exists today. I am not a tin-foil wearing conspiracy theorist but these items I have mentioned are not conspiracies, they are facts, albeit often not admitted for decades.

The temperature continues to rise as we approach.  At FDL, An Exceptional Definition of American Exceptionalism. An honest question. Read the rest of this entry »