…still october – nabila, us president, us media, malala…

On 29 October, a terrific Tuesday in Washington, DC, not to be confused with Terror Tuesday of the US President, five members of the US Congress jeopardized their careers by participating in hearings on the US use of drones and the resulting victims in Pakistan. One indicator to these members should have been clear enough: the US had earlier denied a visa to the human rights lawyer scheduled to appear since he represents the families of many of the killed and injured by drones – more bad PR for the US.

The skies that Tuesday of the hearings were blue, just as were the skies the day the grandmother of two was to be murdered and her two grandchildren injured by a US drone strike – the children’s father would then have incur all the costs, emotional and financial, for this sudden, undeserved and permanent disruption in the lives of an innocent family. And the cost of one of those missiles let loose on that grandmother from that drone?

But for the blogs and their dogged determination to provide timely, accurate and reliable news, however unpalatable it may be for the still trusting in the benevolence of their government, little of the dysfunction of a corporation-influenced US government would be known. A representative sampling of postings… Read the rest of this entry »