…crime and punishment – a whistle, a red card and a suspension?…

…forging on through the obfuscation and inaction, undaunted, despite the obviousness of the farce….

It seems like only like yesterday, May of this year, when the US DoJ really showed the world who is the boss of world justice, and winner of the World Cup of Justice.

Then along comes Prof Black who blows the whistle on the US DoJ. Red card. Indefinite suspension – from credibility, Now the DOJ Admits They Got it Wrong.

Incentives for further reading, as Prof Black observes,

The Obama administration and the Department have failed to take the most basic steps essential to prosecute elite bankers. They have not restored the “criminal referral coordinators” at the banking regulatory agencies and they have virtually ignored the whistleblowers who gave them cases against the top bankers on a platinum platter. The Department has not even trained its attorneys and the FBI to understand, detect, investigate, and prosecute the “accounting control frauds” that caused the financial crisis. The restoration of the rule of law that the new policy promises will not happen in more than a token number of cases against senior bankers until these basic steps are taken.

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