…has greece lost its marbles? o, imf, where’s thy ‘sting’?…

…in that crazy interconnected world of global finance, even the slow of mind can detect patterns…

The Troika is predictably not amused. And the IMF is fed up, ‘mad as Hell and is not going to take it anymore’ sort of thing. Greece has been sent to Coventry for total misbehaviour: to return only when ties can be found and worn, and the miscreants return with with some drachmas euros by the palette full.

The democratically elected – no, not ‘democratically elected’ – Prime Minister of Greece and his colleagues have seemed too preoccupied with the mandate conferred upon them by the Greek people, not good. What audacity. What, well, hubris! And for that, IMF walks out of Greece bailout talks. As The Guardian would report,

The International Monetary Fund dramatically pulled out of talks with debt-stricken Greece on Thursday after it accused Athens of failing to compromise over labour market and pension reforms.

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…russia, economy and international affairs…

…professionalism and jingoism…

The powers of analysis seem to desert many a US expert once the propaganda of the US MSM gets going, and especially so, in regard to Russia. In the area of, say, economics such experts do hold forth robustly. Yet as soon as international affairs enter the discussion indoctrinated irrationality seems to capture the thought process. That irrationality may be better described as mindless  jingoism.

In contrast, Dean Baker, US economist of solid international repute and respect, is one who seems to be forever tilting at windmills, correcting the continual inaccuracies, even misinformation and disinformation, of the US MSM. The task is especially daunting when it comes to Russia; and more so with the mention of the name of its President Vladmir Putin.Though the information is all there and readily accessible, the US MSM pursues its agenda of misleading those credulous who still rely on it for news.

And Baker only recently had to correct blatant inaccuracies put forth by the US NPR on corruption in Russia. In his beat the press blog, he posts, NPR Gets Putin and Russian Economic Growth and Corruption Backwards. He remarks on what should have been well known,

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…04 aug, one century on…your turn, Mr PM…

…and the leaders, how different from that lot of 1914? the same characteristics of narcissism, ignorance and idiocy, or worse?…

Mimicking the tactics of US politicians of attacking foreign leaders, and where possible, the countries, for domestic political gain, the British Prime Minister launches a full-throated attack on Russia, then assures all, Britain will not start World War Three over Ukraine, David Cameron says. Some excerpts from that Telegraph report,

Britain is not going to start World War Three over Russia’s involvement in Ukraine, David Cameron has said.

The Prime Minister compared Russia’s behaviour in Ukraine to Germany’s before both break out of the First and Second world wars.

Mr Cameron said then that Britain was “not about to launch a European war, we are not about to send the fleet to the Black Sea”.

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…double, double, toil and trouble – gaza and donetsk…

…as the tumult and the shouting dies down, the light of reality and truth begins to appear…

Stepping carefully amid the rubble of US policy.

Gaza and Disappearing Palestine

(Thanks on this one) Jon Stewart had his quick comedic ‘come back’, somewhat shrewdly ‘apologetic’, to the predicted backlash for his observation on the plight of the Gazans under the relentless onslaught.

Rihanna had her brief moment of support for Palestine, something natural to those who see mindless brutality and call it for what it is. The career of Vanessa Redgrave should be instructive.

And for irony we have been guided, unwillingly, to this item on the increasingly dreadful Huffington Post news site, a confused and chaotic site that serves as echo chamber and supine stenographer for the incumbent regime. Russia Today Anchor Resigns, Admits To Spreading ‘Lies’ For Putin – we had earlier quoted talking points memo’s coverage.

HuffPo loves this stuff. If only Ms Firth had compared her former network’s coverage of the siege of Palestine with that of the US MSM, as a journalist she would have been appalled and would know the true meaning of propaganda. When these people did deign to cover the tragedy, the perspective would be totally one-sided. There was near total silence on the Gazan experience. Over at Professor Cole’s site there is a post, its title a subtle rhetorical question. Ms Firth can learn a lot about racism, lies and propaganda. Is Rula Jebreal right about US Media Bias against Palestinians? Read the rest of this entry »

…space, the final frontier?; gaza, the final solution?…

…hundreds with biers, others with beer…

A policy of close allies whose characters strut proudly as they live their words,

…I am in blood

Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more,

Returning were as tedious as go o’er… (William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 3, Scene 4)

Doom with a View, Invitation to the Danse – Macabre

Filip Spagnoli invites the guests to bring the popcorn, and lots of it (?), Annals of Heartlessness (62): Israel/Gaza Edition. Anybody brought the champagne?

And the Journey into the Heart of Darkness continues with the view from The Guardian, Israelis gather on hillsides to watch and cheer as military drops bombs on Gaza. The view a spectacular one, excerpts,

As the sun begins to sink over the Mediterranean, groups of Israelis gather each evening on hilltops close to the Gaza border to cheer, whoop and whistle as bombs rain down on people in a hellish warzone a few miles away.

Old sofas, garden chairs, battered car seats and upturned crates provide seating for the spectators. On one hilltop, a swing has been attached to the branches of a pine tree, allowing its occupant to sway gently in the breeze. Some bring bottles of beer or soft drinks and snacks.

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…biding time, and to bid a thank you…

…the farce, priceless…

The US vice-president takes to wing once more to spread peace and good cheer among the mortified and terrified of Europe. Mortified and terrified of whom, another question. From McClatchy, we’re informed,  Biden returns to Europe in wake of Ukraine crisis. And the first paragraph says it,

Vice President Joe Biden leaves tonight for Romania and Cyprus, his latest trip aimed at reassuring European countries rattled by Russian President’s Vladimir Putin’s incursion into Ukraine.

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…the fault, dear dufus, is not in our stars…

…but in ourselves, that we, even degreed, fry fries at less than minimum wages…

What a wonderful world when opportunity comes, and without knocking – when the avenue paved with wealth is being paved by others for the chosen.

We have this ‘coincidence’ that has to be a coincidence, and has engaged the continuing attention of the ever vigilant US MSM. However, the ‘Beeb’, ever reliable voice of Western preeminence, did have a go: Vice President Joe Biden’s son joins Ukraine gas company. And couple snippets: Read the rest of this entry »