…driving miss dulcie?…and still in october…

Erstwhile contractor of the US gets some clearly unwanted but well deserved attention mainly from media sources other than the US MSM. So we now have that eager financier for the thwarted lunatic ‘hit’ on Syria by its ‘enforcer’ superpower in a spot of bother – the régime opposes, forbids women driving – an issue that should have had all feminists in the US and other western countries up in arms (metaphor), yet silence.

Juan Cole on his informed comment posts this satirical look at the modern woman of Saudi Arabia in Saudi Arabia No Woman, No Drive (Saudi Satire Video)

A solution? The Saudi women drivers all go to the US or the UK or Canada or Australia or New Zealand, drive there, then return home? Even have a Saudi Ladies Drive Competition? On prime-time Five Eyes TV?…

…Prof Cole’s other posts highlight the obvious and embarrassing: October is a month that major branches of the US government would have liked to terminate in its first week. And that is evident from some of his blog postings.

Over at emptywheel there is no joy either, as this expert on national security disassembles the extent of the dysfunction and chaos in the US conduct of foreign affairs. Did Lying Keith Just Accuse Obama of Lying? 

And for greater exposure, common dreams cross-posts the emptywheel post as well as one from Prof Cole’s site, which is referenced in Jon Queally’s analysis of the prevarication, obfuscation and state of panicked confusedness of the major actors in the farce. If Obama Didn’t Know About Merkel Spying, What Was It For? 

And when you think it could not get worse, comes this latest comic touch: Broad policy guidelines were agreed with the spying agency; and on only these broad guidelines the agency would report. No report was necessary on niggling details such as economic, industrial, political, institutional espionage committed against countries or spying on a country’s leader, details from which so many can literally profit. And that tidily explains this collective response of the Sgt Schultz Brigade: ‘We heard nothing; we saw nothing. We know nothing’, as the croupier approaches with the winnings (Apologies to Capt Renault).

The hoax perpetrated on the citizens of the US and the rest of the world for so long, now untidily exposed.

.…October, the longest month in this tiresome Liars Competition?…