…to be or not to be… a mook or a…


Since the proponents and exponents of misinformation and disinformation have so excelled in, and dominate, the former category, some of us have safely opted to strive to be in the latter. And we find some ways for keeping in shape or staying in shape, intellectually, that is.

Over at crooked timber John Holbo issues his invitation, Reason and Persuasion On Coursera – or – Look, Ma, I’m a MOOC

Over at simply statistics we have also all been invited to join the club, Data Science

And from the overall coursera menu we  can look at some popular offerings, Coursera Specializations: Focused Programs in Popular Fields

And to add the audio-visual to the brew, we have over at youtube an econ offering, Economics 1 – Lecture 1

Similarly, for those of us seeking to build or sharpen the stats skills, we have a taste of the open source R Studio with this sample, R Studio.

Of course, online learning is no replacement for actual class room learning with the personal interaction. But neither is it a futile effort, a time waster as some have suggested. In any case, the journey into curiosity and questioning can be rewarding in and of itself, leaving enough valuable time for enjoyable distractions.