…beware the tides of march! us msm and us foreign policy, e.g., Colombia…

…as towering waves and their fierce undertow do their work…

We should recall those ‘super’ tides from that recent solar eclipse that saw Mont St Michel become an island and had the River Thames overflowing its banks. That irresistible force of nature.

For its part the US is now in the unenviable position of creating and unleashing its force of nature. This force, this phenomenon of violence, destruction and death, and chaos, now with renewed and terminal vigour takes aim at its creator. And the US MSM continues blissfully unaware, with its focus on Venezuela, its threat to the ‘existence of the US’ – because of unrelenting US corporate interests in that country. But we first look at a troubling indicator of an enfeebled and doddering empire.

Unreported by the US MSM, but widespread, and incriminatingly so, across Latin America and elsewhere, is the the report of heroic performance of the US military in Colombia, not Okinawa. And, no, we are not speaking of the behaviour of the US DEA in Colombia and its many orgies so well-funded by very ‘savoury’ characters. Read the rest of this entry »


…redskins again on the warpath… where is that tonto?…

From Canada to Chile. The pesky redskins are at it again.

In Canada, some nations are even blocking traffic in their protests. What audacity! And about what? Something as trivial as hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on their own territory, or what is left of their heritage, and the transport of the stuff across their own territory. Hazards to health and the environment? Who cares. One way to get rid of unwanted population – since immunity developed to European diseases has undermined the final solution. Over at common dreams, the tale is told, Protests Sweep Canada Following Paramilitary Assault on Indigenous Fracking Blockade

Those savages with their feathers truly believe that they are a match for the might of the state in its unwavering support of national and transnational corporate enterprises? And might of the corporate state is right. Feathers? Really now.  How quaint.  Feathers Versus Guns: The Throne Speech and Canada’s War With Mi’kmaw Nation Read the rest of this entry »