…while the 99% slept…

…well, not quite – for some, that thing about ‘the unexamined life…’…

[And to overkill that title of JFK’s book.]

But before we get there, a glance at something to lift the spirits but for later perusing. You can blame student debt for America’s inequality and shrinking middle class. Nothing like deteriorating standard of living to sharpen one’s focus.

In any case, if we remember Gil Scott-Heron and his, with some updating,  famous observation, we can move to this paragraph from a blog post, Read the rest of this entry »

…’not necessarily illegal’…maybe ‘immoral…inappropriate…reckless’…

We put paid to all the self-righteousness, the insufferable sanctimoniousness: the lights, the cameras, the props, the teleprompter and the rhetoric…

And we do so even as the Wall Streeters remain comfortably ensconced also on the inside, to be later rewarded for ‘doing God’s work’ as the revolving door of the exceptionals revolves – as, for example, the former Assistant Attorney General in the US Department of Justice and star in that Frontline documentary, The Untouchables.

But first, we glance quickly at this observation by Chris Arnade in Comment is free of The Guardian, Looking for fraud? Don’t look at food stamp recipients, look at Wall Street, where the lede states, Food stamps keep 47 million people from going hungry, so cuts hurt. Congress should focus on where the real abuse happens

Describing his life as a Wall Streeter, Arnade recounts,

We swapped stories with pride. We didn’t call what we were doing fraud, which is such a louche word. We called it “arbitrage”.

We take note of that sentence and especially, that word, arbitrage.  Read the rest of this entry »

…famous populist spectator leads another parade – US minimum wage…

The US President speaks out forcefully and passionately in favour of a higher minimum wage and against growing economic inequality in the US. Truly, leadership you can believe in.

According to Paul Lewis of The Guardian,  Obama throws support to minimum wage movement in economy speech

Obama delivered the remarks in Anacostia, one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the capital, the day before hundreds of fast-food restaurant workers in more than a hundred US cities strike in a major demonstration over low pay.


It has become something of a signature of the president’s speeches on the economy for him to deliver rousing remarks about the need to tackle entrenched inequality; critics argue he has proven far less effective at doing anything about it.

[Bold added for emphasis]

And to get better context, Lauren McCauley over at common dreams has her post, Workers Demand Livable Wage in Hundred-City Strike, from which we give a snippet,

What began with a series of actions led by roughly 200 workers in New York last November has grown into a national movement for a livable wage. Workers for such corporate giants as McDonald’s Corp., Burger King Worldwide Inc. and Yum! Brands (which includes Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC) in over 100 cities are expected to walk off the job Thursday

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