…from vietnam to kunduz, ‘accidents’ do happen…

…once we say so…

As the US citizenry remains pacified at the thought that their President would commune each Tuesday, ‘Bugsplat Tuesday’, with august personages such as Thomas Aquinas and St Augustine before unleashing death from on high, facts would fail to cooperate, and often. The release of drone files put paid to this precise targeting of ‘bad guys’, an asinine term so beloved of the US corporate media.

With the likely premeditated bombing of that hospital in Kunduz, the US would issue a flurry of contradictory, and even preposterous, excuses with its President finally and glibly proffering some weak tea, ‘a tragic accident’. Again, facts fail to cooperate with the exceptional US policy. Read the rest of this entry »

…30 april, 2015, yet another day in infamy?…

Momentous week. And not just Baltimore. Today is 30 April. Two days earlier, on 28 April, 50 years ago the United States invaded the Dominican Republic. And in yet another of its great adventures for ‘freedom’ or whatever, several thousand innocent Dominicans would lose their lives.

Both items from teleSURtv.

50th Anniversary of the US Invasion of the Dominican Republic

Dominicans Ask US to Apologize for 1965 Invasion

Not much from the US MSM on that little matter. Nor from the invading power for that matter.

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the US Defeat and the Legacy of its Brutal War against the people of Vietnam. Still, that that Pyrrhic victory would cost the Vietnamese dearly – some three million slaughtered, tons of chemical defoliants, napalm and Agent Orange dumped on its vegetation, in its soil and waterways that continue to show their intended evil in significant and continuing health problems and birth defects

The US had dropped three times the tonnage of bombs on Vietnam than was dropped in all of World War II. It will require some three centuries to locate and defuse those bombs dropped by the US. Former US Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara would late in life express his ‘regrets’, which, mirabile dictu, did make all well again. Read the rest of this entry »

war, what is it good for? laughing all the way…

Only in the US is there rich humour in War – on defenseless countries.

Have you heard the joke about the missing what’s its name? Comic relief for those exceptionalists who visit death and destruction on ‘enemies of civilisation’. This classic joke remains ever fresh, as posted by FAIR as the peerless George W. had them rolling in the aisles with his timeless ‘those weapons of mass destruction must be somewhere’. And the event at which the comedian had them ‘rolling in the aisles’? The Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner, as reported by FAIR:

“Those weapons of mass destruction must be somewhere,” Bush cracked while showing slides of administration officials searching the White House. The routine elicited laughter from the audience of politicians and media figures.

Of course, to see it is to ‘believe’ it with its consequences:

A minor detail: Over one million Iraqis were slaughtered, millions injured and maimed, millions displaced and homeless – figures had to be independently estimated as the extent of the slaughter and destruction had to be hidden. Infrastructure (water, sewage and electricity systems) deliberately targeted and completely destroyed very early in the joke. A mere 4,801 US and its allies dead. For the generously underestimated cost of US$1.4 trillion – Stiglitz and Bilmes have estimated the actual costs will be upwards of US$6 trillion. Shock and Awe for TV and its ever fascinated US viewers. In the US, Iraq’s fate is a joke for most of its politicians and media personalities. Read the rest of this entry »