……trans-pacific partnership?…trust us…

…Tomorrow’s news from some time ago…

As the world revolves, the deal making continues. The US corporate politicians and the corporate MSM continue to spin tales of wondrous benefits that will accrue to the contentedly distracted, as voices of warning are ignored. After the fait accompli, there will be the inevitable, ‘Whocoodanode?’

Which raises the question, what percent of the population of the affected countries has ever heard of some ‘trans-pacific partnership’ (TPP)? And the word to the wise is the word, ‘partnership’, which should raise the alarm regarding principal beneficiary. One clue is the famous trans-national corporation (TNC), also known as multi-national corporation (MNC). And the many to be again disadvantaged may have forgotten the infamous entreaty, ‘Trust us.’ Partnership, you say? Of course, not to isolate and disadvantage China?

A sample of fairly non-technical postings from the blogs that should put things into stark context – even for those in the Atlantic, with the likely TTIP (and Britain as predicable proxy for the US) or the Caribbean and Latin America, saved from the FTAA. The titles are self-explanatory.

From the fair blog, To NPR, TPP Is a Poker Game With a Pot Full of Jobs

Two postings from cepr:

“Trans-Pacific Partnership” is Washington Speak for Corruption and Theft

What Do Latin American Countries Stand to Gain from the TPP?

From angry bear, TPP, Fast track, secret to you

And from firedoglake, The Trans-Pacific Partnership “Legislative Frankenstein from Hell” (Video)

Combine any of these with the continuing disclosures on US violation of personal privacy, its rampant economic, institutional, political espionage against its intended partners and others, and the more defined and accurate picture should start to emerge. Again, no mention of China. Cui bono?

Again, we ask, ‘Partnership?’…