…another day and the great raj, the grand caliph, uk pm – hero of libya…

…clearly, not making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear?…

After excoriating Jeremy Corbyn and having one of his military forecast mutiny over a Corbyn electoral victory, what else can there be in the day of the life of a UK politician who seems to fail at the photo-op of eating a bacon sandwich, and another more circumspect, camera conscious eating a hotdog? Well, the past would serve up uncomfortable reminders for the UK PM.

And we refer not to this famous episode, where there was that ‘hail the conquering hero comes!’ moment – for the ecstatic corporate MSM. There would be that dissenting media voice that would continue to haunt the dreams of profits and political advantage, To the victors the problems: Cameron and Sarkozy in Libya As Simon Tisdall would remark on the two heroes walking tall in their triumph, Read the rest of this entry »


…aylan, who worried that his father might drown…

…love and caring amid unremitting malevolence…

Pepe Escobar in a post at RT demonstrates the power of prose in his analysis of the US, Nato, and followers and their adventures in the Middle East and elsewhere. His post, Blowback on a NATO beach,

Little did Nilufer Demir, 29, the female photojournalist of the Turkish Dogan News agency know that the moment she saw little Aylan Kurdi, 3, washed ashore at the Ali Hoca Burnu beach near Bodrum, she would be making history.

Aylan is alone, as if suspended by the immense solitude of death, just as his family’s dream of offering him a new life in a new continent away from death and destruction was about to be fulfilled. It’s as if his lone lifeless body at the shores of a NATO beach was also about to prefigure the death of Europe – or the death of a once pan-European dream of solidarity and compassion.

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…a war-weary us? a us, weary of war and refugees?…

…the famous US ‘newspaper of record’ at its finest…

We let the NYT reporter summarise the daunting challenges of a nation traumatised by two (?) wars – the US, that is.

Many Obstacles Are Seen to U.S. Taking In Syrian Refugees

In the United States, there is little appetite for allowing large numbers of displaced Syrians to settle in a country still weary from two wars and struggling with its own immigration problems.

What else can one add, aside Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria for starters? El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras? ‘So on and so forth’? Horrendous death and destruction inflicted elsewhere on hundreds and hundreds of thousands can surely tire those that inflict such unappreciated generosity.

…a classic example of unbridled cynicism…

…a cheery us president flounders with a salmon, a us victim buries his family…

…nothing like the photo to tell the tale…

The US MSM trots behind the US President as he heads north to Alaska. There he would dance with Native Alaskans. There he would flounder holding a salmon handed to him by a fisher woman. Grins all round. Priceless moments captured of a thoroughly engaged US President for the enjoyment and relaxation of the patriotic US viewer.

As such frivolities were being captured for posterity, life served up grim contrasts and stubborn history in abundance, all during the same week.

Those photos of a drowned toddler, and of the stunned and sombre Turkish official, all provide evidence to the world of the cavalier attitude of the ‘community of civilised nations’ (all Western) to its destructive policies, especially toward Moslem countries. The principal and exuberant supporter of the US would naturally ‘identify’ the culprits responsible for the tragedy of refugees forced to flee their homes, forced into homelessness and despair – having escaped death.

The father of that now ‘famous’ family that drowned did return to bury the victims in the same village from which they had been forced to flee. His tale would serve to provide further distinction between civilisation and barbarism, as the Independent would report, Aylan Kurdi: Little boy whose tragic death changed Britain’s response to the refugee crisis laid to rest in Kobani. According to the father,

“I was holding my wife’s hand. My children slipped away from my hands,” he said. “We tried to hold on to the boat. Everyone was screaming in pitch darkness.”

No life vests, pitch darkness. Little to no hope. Again, why is this family in this predicament?.

The quintessential British Imperialist, the incumbent UK Prime Minister would haughtily observe that ISIS (IS) and Assad are responsible for the toddler’s death.

The opportunities this confidently uninformed PM offer the observer are boundless. And the takers are many. Who can forget his denigration of migrants and refugees (to a large extent spawned by his country’s unfailing acquiescence to US policies), as he categorised these unfortunates as a swarm.

More emphatically, Robert Fisk at the Independent (complimentary views, then paywall) shows no recourse to history is necessary to reveal cynical policies with, Refugee crisis: David Cameron lowered the flag for the dead king of Saudi Arabia – will he do the same honour for little Aylan Kurdi? Fisk gets to the point,

Yet at the risk of catching the Daily Mail cancer, there’s a bit of a wider picture here that we need to be aware of. Europe and the West – what was once called Christendom – are supposed to be the bad guys in the Middle East. It is we who bomb, corrupt and invade the Muslims of the Middle East. It is we who support the vicious dictators of the Middle East (unless they are disobedient to our wishes). It is we who suck out the fossil treasures of the Middle East, its oil and its natural gas. We are, are we not, the infidels?

[Fisk sees no need to mention the US President scurrying off then to Saudi Arabia to offer his condolences, and to even do some marketing for Post-Presidential ‘philanthropic’ services.]

The President of Turkey, whose country numbers among those ‘first overwhelmed’ with refugees fleeing the consequences of brutal Western policy, shows little patiece. President Erdogan serves up the scorn in heavy doses, Erdogan says West only interested in oil in Iraq & Libya, slams refugee crisis response – an observation on what has long been blatantly obvious, no thanks whatsoever to the corporate MSM.

And to remove any doubts as to the unabashed sense of Western superiority and supremacy, especially over the Moslem ‘unworthy’, the Hungarian Prime Minister does his duty, as we learn from The Guardian, Migration crisis: Hungary PM says Europe in grip of madness. We learn, from his subtlety that matches Cameron’s own, of valiant Crusaders against the invading hordes (‘swarm‘) of infidels, clearly Moslems.

Hungary’s nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orbán, has claimed Europe is in the grip of madness over immigration and refugees, and argued that he was defending European Christianity against a Muslim influx.

[bold added for emphasis]

That sense of the march to 21st concentration camps hovers eerily over the tragedy – the behaviour of security forces leaves little to doubt.

And for a bit of context. Who can forget the ecstatic celebration of the slaughter of the leader of Libya by the then US Secretary of State? Or the victory ‘lap’ of two of the three Western war heroes, as reported by RT, Cameron, Sarkozy milk premature Tripoli triumph, as it offers some prescient words of caution to the preening leaders,

The French president and British PM have visited Tripoli to declare victory over Muammar Gaddafi’s regime and reap the benefits of his fall, but it appears the celebrations are somewhat premature.

[der Spiegel would have similar fun with these fearsome armchair warriors.]

And premature it would prove to be to these two war heroes and to the then absent leader of the pack, the Nobel Laureate US President. Earlier in 2015, the conservative Telegraph would observe, Special report from Libya: How Nato’s toppling of Gaddafi has turned to disaster. And utter disaster it would be, and not just for the Libyans, that the three war Western heroes and their allies had unleashed.

As the ebulllient US President concludes a successful Alaskan visit, where he danced a jig, did some reality TV, caught a spawning salmon handed to him, his US Secretary of State, not to be upstaged, would, ever sagely, have his own fun with the people of the Middle East, Kerry ‘Convinced’ of Need for Syria Ground Invasion. Of course, the Vietnam war hero does promise no official US ‘boots on the ground’, but certainly assured death and destruction rained down from aloft. Yes, this is the self-declared leader of ‘the free world’.

Understandable is the failure of the corporate US MSM to investigate or mention those culpable, liable for the widespread plunder and death and destruction, and for the plight of millions of refugees, from El Salvador to Honduras to Guatemala to Nicaragua; to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to, well, on and on.

…the more things change, the more…

…leave libya! take the cannoli…

…no, that’s that movie! leave the cannoli. take the viagra…

No. Not to the shores of Tripoli. Instead, from the shores of Tripoli and fast, very fast for those boots on the ground.

As the Telegraph has it, Royal Navy ship diverted to Tripoli to evacuate Britons from Libya. And some details,

Up to 300 people given last chance to leave on HMS Enterprise before UK embassy closes because of militia fighting

A Royal Navy support ship has been sent to the Libyan capital Tripoli to evacuate the last remaining British citizens after the ambassador decided “reluctantly” to close down operations in the country.

More fighting around Tripoli airport killed 22 people overnight, as competing militias fought for control in both the east and west of the country.

Other embassies, including America’s, has already closed down and pulled out staff. The British ambassador, Michael Aron, and his key diplomats had stayed on but on Friday the Foreign Office also decided to close from Monday.

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…iraq? why not? this time is different…

…success at serial failure is good enough for the wise…

Tens of thousands of US troops, ‘contractors’ and the colluding ‘coalition of the willing’ and an Armageddon of firepower, depleted uranium and white phosphorous did not conquer Iraq, but 300 US special forces and some drones will now do it. This time is different.

When the siren call of violence becomes too irresistible, we ask, ‘Whose turn at the trough?’ Thanks to blogs and alternate media those experts who lack an agenda have their voices heard and expertise proffered to the curious citizen. We have Prof Juan Cole, now we have Prof Andrew Bacevich who is interviewed by Bill Moyers at moyers & co. With the special interest groups forever in print or electronic media the ploy would have had continuing success but for continuing rise of the blogs and alternate media. The lucrative path to fame and fortune is guaranteed for the ‘chosen clique’ with war, now enshrined as US foreign policy. The interview, Chaos in Iraq: Bill Moyers Interviews Andrew Bacevich, ensures that the interested viewer has at the finger tip the basic question, ‘What makes this time so different?’

Other quick glimpses at how the yarn is continually spun, though to a decreasingly credulous US citizenry. With a headline like this even US toddlers would be immediately armed to protect ‘the values and civilization of the US and the West’. This headline from the Telegraph is truly priceless – comical but for its tragic seriousness, US ‘must strike Iraqi jihadists to save the West’.

And how some public officials see themselves immune from lying, and lying with no sense of shame or embarrassment, or lying with the conviction that the citizen is still as gullible, all that  is evident here, Nato boss claims Russia has secretly infiltrated green groups fighting fracking. The Independent reports,

The outgoing Secretary General of Nato has sparked ridicule from environmentalists after claiming that Russia is secretly orchestrating green groups opposed to fracking.

Former Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen told journalists that Moscow was coordinating opposition to the controversial technology in order to promote dependence on Russian oil and gas.

So Russia is orchestrating the anti-‘fracking’ campaign? This executioner of the sundering of Libya and Libyan leader Gadaffi soon moves onto the just rewards for his exceptional folly. Failure does assure wealth for that ‘special class’.

The dishonest and the cynical get richer with political facilitation, while the others, snake bitten, keep sliding down the ladder of the 99%. Then again that is the West, on which the sun is setting with the feverish assistance of the US ruling class.

…the real nelson mandela, and the sudden converts…

Here we present a brief sketch of the real Nelson Mandela, the Mandela that is not the cynical fabrication, reinvention of Western Leaders and their compliant corporate media. That same Mandela for whose capture in 1962 the US was entirely responsible. That same Mandela that the so much-revered in the US, President Ronald Reagan, now dead, had declared to be a terrorist and had put on the US list of terrorists, where his name remained until 2008; yet, not surprisingly, omitting the most egregious country from that list. And that same Nelson Mandela would be awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, along with Willem de Klerk, in 1993.

RT’s summary, Mandela’s sharp statements rarely cited in mainstream media. An excerpt,

Mandela met with Fidel Castro in 1991, giving a speech alongside him entitled “How Far We Slaves Have Come.” The country was commemorating the 38th anniversary of the storming of the Moncada, and Mandela hailed Cuba’s ‘special place’ in the heart of the people of Africa, its revolution, and how far the country had come.

“From its earliest days, the Cuban Revolution has also been a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people. We admire the sacrifices of the Cuban people in maintaining their independence and sovereignty in the face of the vicious imperialist-orchestrated campaign to destroy the impressive gain made in the Cuban Revolution….Long live the Cuban Revolution. Long live comrade Fidel Castro.”

Mandela urged for the end to harsh UN sanctions imposed upon Libya in 1997, and pledged his support for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was a longtime supporter of his.

“It is our duty to give support to the brother leader…especially in regards to the sanctions which are not hitting just him, they are hitting the ordinary masses of the people … our African brothers and sisters,”Mandela said.

We also have a sharp analysis of the fabulists of the US and the UK. Even the jaded will find the hypocrisy offensive. Read the rest of this entry »