…baltimore: police, poverty, behaviours – learned and inflicted…

…Baltimore: abandon hope, all ye who enter?…

Not as perplexing? The likelihood is very low, to zero, zilch, that all who join the police force in the US (and even elsewhere) are predisposed to psychopathic, sociopathic or violent behaviour so often evident. It is likely that some very small percent may display any of those characteristics. Thus, what would account for the near total unleashing of confrontation, violence rather than restraint, patience, or persuasion?

A case in point. RT reports on the pepper spraying and initially violent arrest of an unarmed protester who walks up to a line of officers at the start of the curfew, and invites their reaction. The video demonstrates their reaction, Baltimore protester wearing ‘F**k the police T-shirt’ gets face full of pepper spray (VIDEO).

Police officers sprayed pepper at him at a near point-blank range. The man was then pulled to the ground by the hair and dragged away by three law enforcers. The man didn’t appear to be resisting the police.

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