…corporate health insurance, and health care for all…

The world’s greatest democracy and bastion of pure capitalism shows the world how it’s really, really done.

Routinely ignored by the corporate MSM is that President Obama, in lusty appreciation of capitalism, allowed the insurance industry to design, ‘write’, his landmark eponymous health plan. That his plan compares unfavourably with those of most OECD countries is less important than the fact that it is ‘made in the US’ by amply rewarded health insurance contributors, and is not from some ‘socialist’ country, where active government participation, however well directed, merits condemnation as such. The simpler and more cost-effective single payer option, once promised, was summarily abandoned without effort — perhaps insufficiently capitalist.

This chart, Life expectancy and health care spending, from the post of Aaron Carroll over at incidental economist gives an indication – life expectancy in the US is lower, despite the substantially higher level of expenditure per capita. Read the rest of this entry »

…in the US, the sentence for post-partum depression, death by a fusillade…

And deserving of a standing ovation…

The civilised world had yet another treat from the seat of the exceptional US democracy. Gunfire near the White House!!! ‘Lock down’!!! High speed chase of the (suspected?) armed and dangerous terrorist!!!

And the ever eager US MSM armed early with its ‘talking points’ to work with, for its utter meretriciousness to be soon exposed, predictably, by stark reality, which, though, is too late to minimise the early and severe damage inflicted on the demonised.

A young lady, 34 years old with her one-year old daughter, is disoriented by a temporary barricade and reverses, perhaps too quickly, and is disoriented further by the highly militarized police with guns drawn. Combine that with the post-partum depression from which she suffered, and we know her fate is sealed – only in the US.

Abby Zimet over at commondreams tears away the mask to expose the black soul of her country, Our Dark New Normal

Update: The day after the shooting – ie: after the facts about Carey were known – the Senate doorkeeper was handing out “Thank You Capitol Police” buttons.

From The Guardian, with the excerpt from CNN, would come the voices of Ms Carey’s family with their gallant effort to rescue her battered reputation and put their sibling’s medical condition in a truthful light – though the US MSM, once aware there was no terror attack, had already started to beat the drums of myriad severe mental ailments. Sisters of woman killed in Capitol car chase question decision to shoot

Amy Carey-Jones said Miriam Carey suffered post-natal depression with psychosis after the birth of her daughter last year. The girl was in the car but was uninjured when police and secret service agents fired at least 17 shots at the 34-year-old mother during a chase on Capitol Hill.


“Deadly physical force was not the ultimate recourse, nor did it have to be,” said Valarie Carey. “I’m more than certain there was no need for a gun to be used when there was no gunfire coming from the vehicle. My sister just totally didn’t deserve this. There are going to be a lot of different stories being told by people that claim they may know her. They don’t. She was a law-abiding citizen. She had no political agenda.”

And as we see, none, not one, of the sisters had to rely on a teleprompter. But their eloquence, insufficient to forestall an unnecessary death and the slander.

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