…fifa? or haiti can wait, as usual?…

…it seems that one has to depend on a ferret to ferret out important news…

The UN, its Nepalese soldiers, and cholera, well, there, the fate of a Haiti with slightly more people than NGOs, whose staff and consultants are less indigent, much less indigent…

The Guardian reports on a joint investigation done by the US National Public Radio (NPR) and an online news blog, ProPublica. That investigation has to do with the American Red Cross (ARC) and the allocation of the funds it received for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

As The Guardian reports, American Red Cross squandered aid after Haiti earthquake, report alleges. Couple paragraphs that invite at least a skim of the article, Read the rest of this entry »

…haitian textile workers and one us beer commercial…

…but for boundless US generosity where would the Haitian be, after all these centuries…

Yes, Haiti is the country that has experienced a cholera epidemic (UN-linked), a massive earthquake, and the customary hurricane, and continues to experience wide-spread poverty. No need to recount the fate of rice production there and the Arkansas initiative of a former US president. Anyway, here’s a nice nugget to show the solicitude of the US toward that ‘blighted’ country – seemingly a continuing penalty of wresting independence from France, Western country, Wikileaks Reveals Obama Administration’s Role in Stifling Haitian Minimum Wage, an excerpt applicable to the present president, Read the rest of this entry »

…columbus, 1492. 2013, epiphany of the long obvious…

In the US, among the unaffected, Columbus Day celebrated with marches and sales. In the rest of the hemisphere the day is commemorated as one of genocide, slavery, exploitation and theft of livelihoods, lands and resources; and one for renewal of determination to recover, protect and strengthen rights. Quite a contrast. Yet the times are achangin’.

Increasingly voices of dissent have been receiving sympathetic ears, and active and vocal support against the travesty. One voice eschews niceties to describe the much celebrated US national day. Over at truth-out Paul Bucheit argues that Columbus Day Is the Official Endorsement of White European and US Conquest of Indigenous Peoples  His opening is unsparing with the conveniently forgotten,

Columbus Day is a good day to consider American exceptionalism, in the broad sense of superiority. Columbus embraced the doctrine from the start, writing about the Arawak Indians in Haiti: “Great multitudes of men came to the shore, all young and of fine shapes and very handsome…I could conquer the whole of them with fifty men and govern them as I pleased.”

Conquer them he did, forcing them to find gold for the Spanish explorers, cutting off their hands if they failed.

The myth of the benevolent Columbus is contrasted with another discredited, not yet discarded, myth.

In the realm of US sports, the long obvious to most on the planet is being discovered. This time with vehement call for action, but not to disrupt the flow of profits. In Washington, DC, the name of the US-football team, from  its inception, has been Washington Redskins. And from the players, very highly remunerated, there has never been any public opposition to the name. It would take the opposition of the much abused American Indians and their rapidly increasing legions of supporters to bring the issue to a head.

Over at truth-out a posting from The Thom Hartmann program is similarly scathing toward the uncontrite racism with Columbus Raped the Redskins … Time to Change the Name

The fact is Native Americans have never once referred to themselves as “Redskins.”

That derogatory and racist term dates back to the early years of the discovery of the Americas.

In 1492, Columbus was on a manic hunt for gold when he set sail, and eventually landed on an island known as Hispaniola, which today is the home of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

While Columbus didn’t find much gold on Hispaniola, he did find something as good as it: people.

And, it was these indigenous people or “redskins” that Columbus thought would make great slaves.

And after some decades, an exceptional name may well have to undergo an exceptional change, quite likely with neither apology nor show of contrition. After all, the team’s owner has suffered long enough. And the game must go on.

The year, 2013, increasingly exceptional.

‘our oldest ally’, from freedom fries back to french fries…

Foreign policy of the United States, as written by The Bard, William Shakespeare

“…I am in blood stepped in so far that should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o’er…”

Even with ‘no boots on the ground’…

Members of the British Parliament recently reflected the will of their voting constituents by voting against the obsession of the country’s leaders to join the US on yet another obligatory overt rampage. Last time its PM got such a comeuppance was in 1782, and the nuisance then was a renegade colony, US. [In all this urgency for death and destruction from some Western politicians no mention is made at all about peace in Syria, or even the region.]

To assume such a democratic procedures to take place in the US would suggest self-delusion. Once upon a time, many US law makers consigned the term, ‘french fries’ to the dustbin of history. Yes, yes, these are the same people who arbitrarily recommend which countries should be invaded or attacked to inflict death and destruction or its leaders deposed or worse. French dressing would meet the same fate. And derision would have little impact, after all who really has weapons of mass destruction.

In a nutshell, with a woefully inexperienced and self-absorbed President and advisors of similar sterling attributes the folly of staving off imperial collapse by wanton death and destruction continues to go unrecognised as the inevitable occurs – in slow motion. Read the rest of this entry »