…sermon on this mount, ‘humanitarian intervention’…

…’wmd’ and ‘smoking gun’ and ‘mushroom cloud’ and ‘mission accomplished’, and all that…

A thought. If the ruthless band IS, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL, which had killed or displaced Christians from their centuries old village in Syria, had done no ‘burying alive’ of those folk, afterward they must have gotten truly serious meanness training? And if they had to be routed by the Syrians without any aid from the ‘Christian’ West, that means that the US (and allies) were more scared of that outfit – until Erbil where lots of US goings-on are going on?

Oh, that was to save Yazidis trapped on a mount – an exaggeration, a subterfuge, to fall apart as non-establishment journalists also went to witness what many of their colleagues had witnessed in Gaza and reported on, and about which the US and its ‘allies’ had done absolutely nothing, same for the US UN Secretary-General, now an even more pathetic figure. Read the rest of this entry »


…from gaza to erbil…’barbaric’…

…the motive$ that drive u$ policy, foreign and domestic…

A sample of articles that should raise questions on the fate of Gaza and the Palestinians, and on the fate of petroleum and profits in Erbil in Kirkuk.

Gaza and Palestine

As the US and its allies are all atwitter at the advances the ruthless outfit IS, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL, is making toward Kirkuk, we pause to reflect on the meaning of the word ‘barbaric’ that the US President had used to describe that missing Israeli soldier that the US President knew as fact had been ‘kidnapped’ in Gaza by the evil Hamas. Abby Zimet seeks clarification, We Need to Recognize What Barbaric Is.

…Amnesty International has released testimony from health workers showing the Israeli army repeatedly attacked ambulances, hospitals, medics, doctors and others seeking to help the wounded and collect the dead. In light of that and so much else, in a searing speech at an Austin protest, Dr. Rania Masri cites President Obama calling the capture of an invading Israeli soldier by the Palestinian Resistance a “barbaric action” and schools him in what is and is not “barbaric.”

The photos in her article, just as those that appear in other blogs and alternative, media, do explain the meaning of that word – but the meaning will be lost on those who utter such words. Now to whom can we apply that word? Read the rest of this entry »

…twilight zone: ahead, a sign post, back to iraq…

…as the US President whirls and ‘pivots’ with giddy and glib abandon…

The Ever Reliable Omission as America [US] Rides to the Rescue

Gaza now of even less importance to the corporate MSM. The better sell: stunning video and still images. Spectacular air ‘drops’. Grateful people. Solid patriotic headlines: The US strives to avert a humanitarian disaster in Iraq. And US President nominated for Nobel Peace Prize?

But omitted is the background. The US strives to avert a humanitarian disaster, yes, but that is due to the myriad conditions for which the US of George W. Bush with the UK of Tony Blair with their ‘coalition of the willing’ had created. That was Iraq. And today that is Iraq.

The chaos would be facilitated further by the US of Barack Obama and the UK of David Cameron who then would amplify and deepen the chaos by their destruction of Libya from which massive stocks of weapons would flow to rebel factions in the region. And for la crème de la crème. The same Obama and Cameron and their allies would in their lunatic frenzy to overthrow the government of Syria would provide military assistance to their mercenary factions, many of whose members would would then gravitate to the better trained but more extremist groups. And one of those groups funded by US and UK allies would be? So, then we hear, ‘Today America Is Coming To Help’? Cruel irony?

Now We Consider the Evidence

Glenn Greenwald has a concise and illustrated guide to the US and its myriad ‘humanitarian’ interventions that prove so costly to the countries of its interventions, U.S. “Humanitarian” Bombing of Iraq: A Redundant Presidential Ritual. And he includes responses to the question, which two countries are the biggest threat in the world. Not even close, those runners-up. So much for ‘terrorism’. Why build peace and harmony when destruction is so much fun?

And that ‘pivot’. We have the ‘pivot’ of the Obama régime back to what the US does best. And he does so with characteristic flourish, before many a doggedly incurious US citizen can succumb to inquisitiveness and discover the laughable farce of the US President’s dramatic discovery of the ‘New Africa’ and also discover the character of several of his African guests, as highlighted in the mother jones article,  Obama’s 5 Most Atrocious Dinner Guests at the US-Africa Leaders Summit. Yet, and obviously, few of the great ‘unwashed’ beyond US borders would be unaware of the role of the US and its western partners in chaos and destruction, and the plunder of the natural resources in many African countries, as elsewhere.

As a purported ‘admirer’ of Dr Martin Luther King it was only natural that the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate President would decide to continue to fervently adhere to the truism of Dr King’s observation that the US is ‘the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today’. Read the rest of this entry »

…sure, ‘we tortured some folks…’ but not their pets…

…but being the US, it was done with noble intentions – ‘humanitarian’ torture…

Where can we start? Why not this thing of torture. One would assume that US officials would by now be aware that the world of the great unwashed knows of, and may have experienced, its foreign ‘adventures’ and the resulting costs to innocent citizens and their countries. So what we do we have? A US President who holds forth with unctuous nonchalance as if his audience were a bunch of timid first-year university students, clearly the US MSM.

The posture and the pronouncement convey that breezy dismissiveness, certainly not what one would expect for such a grave matter. Obama admits CIA ‘tortured some folks’ but stands by Brennan over spying. ‘We tortured some folks’? That is the best the Law School Professor President has? It seems that he forgot to mention that, ‘But not their pets.’ which should win votes and contributions from pet lovers. Read the rest of this entry »

…retrieving some books amid the gaza slaughter…

…the blood of innocents, ‘those others’, as the media courtiers sing the praises of chaos and death…

First, images to stir the emotions and restore that moral core, About a Girl: To ‘Liesel’ in Gaza…

Just the images, no more. Innocent children as this slaughtered. Who knows her fate now? And to attempt any assistance to such dispossessed will incur the wrath and skewed justice system of the accomplice.

The next is a haunting image from an Israeli artist, the second in fillip spagnoli’s post, Iconic Images of Human Rights Violations (166): Death in Gaza

Yes, shadows of four little boys playing football is all that remained from that airstrike, and will remain in our memories – as Obama played, what, at golf? Or made some facetious remark on some matter demanding an adult response? Read the rest of this entry »

…of courage and cowardice in the us – gaza? oh, that…

…in the face of atrocities, acquiescence, silence for some is anathema, complicity; for others, the path to acceptance and reward…

How does this story start? Well, we have an academic who states, I’m joining Norm Finkelstein tomorrow to commit civil disobedience in protest of Israel’s war on Gaza. Unlike some Western politicians who state and assume that any mere statement of principle is, ipso facto, its fruition, the academic does join the protest. And how do we know? On crooked timber where Corey Robin blogs, we read, Corey arrested. That point of ‘enough is enough’ can be gleaned in this earlier post, The Higher Sociopathy, where we have,

The Gaza war, you see, is not a war over tunnels. It’s not even a war in defense of Israel. It’s a war about…war, a war in defense of just war. Once upon a time, crackpots thought they were fighting a war to end all wars. That was its justice. Now they’re fighting a war in order to make just war possible. That is its justice.

The theory of just war is supposed to impose limits upon the launching and fighting of wars. It’s a condition of, a constraint upon, war. But here it becomes the end—both the aim and the justification—of war. Because that is the aim of Israel’s war, “civilians cannot be used” to make such a war “impossible.” They must instead be used to make it possible.

Clearly, Prof Robin is unworried about deeper moral issues such as jeopardising any votes or any contribution to  any Presidential ‘Library’ or any contributions to corporate party campaign coffers.

The patriotic performance of principled politicians? Well, just over a week ago, we had, Gaza crisis: Palestinian death toll climbs past 500 as hospital is hit. From that news report, we would get,

Speaking to the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, by telephone early on Monday, Obama expressed his concern over the deaths on both sides, the White House said in a statement.

In their second call in three days, Obama “reaffirmed Israel‘s right to defend itself” and called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

David Cameron also spoke to Netanyahu, reiterating “the UK‘s strong support for Israel‘s right to take proportionate action to defend itself from” Gaza rockets, while expressing condolences over the Israeli deaths and concern over the “mounting civilian casualties in Gaza“.

Cameron agreed with Netanyahu that the way out of the “spiral of violence” was through the Egyptian ceasefire initiative, a spokesman for the British PM said.

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…wapo and nyt, not even fit for birdcage carpeting…

…if indeed caging birds is still a hobby, or wise…

The tragedy in Palestine, Gaza in particular, has evoked the horror of the world. In all the carnage, there is the steadfast avoidance of professional journalism on the part of the privileged US MSM. The slaughter of at least 15 civilians in a UN-run school used as shelter has been horrific enough to demand respectful and professional coverage, we would suppose. We compare and contrast. At least 15 dead after U.N. school in Gaza is shelled

William Booth, Sudarsan Raghavan and Anne Gearan 5:33 PM ET

An Israeli military spokesman said “there was a possibility” that shells from Israeli forces struck the school, adding that the army was investigating “what exactly caused the deaths and injuries.”

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