…the congress, not of the us, of football – fifa…

…as the corporate us msm, with the obviousness of the name, football, insists pretzel-ianly on soccer….

Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). So, the US DoJ has found the time from its hectic schedule to indict a bunch of officials in Zurich, Switzerland, for stuff like racketeering, conspiracy and corruption. And these are FIFA officials, most of whom reside in other independent countries. The sums? Some US$150m, and a decades long business, an ‘open’ secret.

Yes, but those sums, multiples upon multiples of US$150m, involved in LIBOR rigging, laundering drug money, and similar not so minor transgressions by officials of financial institutions who make US campaign contributions? And those charges laid against which officials, when, where? Curious business, corporate democracy. What next, the US DoJ confiscates FIFA and its funds? Read the rest of this entry »