…greece, an odyssey from debt to deliverance…

…no need for charon or cerberus…

Brazil has a population of some 200 million, compared with Greece with one of some 11 million.

So we set sail with a teaser from down south. And for that we have to thank Jake Johnston of The Americas Blog of CEPR. From this, armed with analysis our imaginations can safely take to flight, but without the bravado of Icarus. Why is the US Government Still Hiding What They Did to Brazil in 1998?  Read the rest of this entry »

…economic sanctions against russia? por supuesto!…

…fools rush in…; and no fool like the willfully gullible…

Peachy. Just peachy.

It must have come as a shock to those European countries that produced agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables and grain that no other country in the world can produce? Or, do we again attribute that to that good ole colonial arrogance?

Not having heard of a meeting in mid-July in Fortaleza, Brazil (Brazil? Portuguese colony?) of small countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, these EU countries including the US and its other four eyes just knew that Russia and only Russia would be adversely affected by the economic sanctions demanded by the US. Of course, there was also a meeting of Unasur countries, but what does that matter? Read the rest of this entry »

…war and pocket…

What a difference a delay makes. That unprofitable delay in death and destruction, elsewhere, now allows those curious citizens of the US, and even Europe for that matter, to reflect on War and Pocket.

And the curious would have the opportunity to learn that Venezuela just recently beat Peru, 3-2 in football? Yes, football, and in World Cup qualifiers. And on that victory there is evidence. And no Tomahawk missiles used.


The conspiracy for a new war, Syria, in the country of Forever War seems to be coming apart. Unlike the Iraq debacle, the deception is being exposed, and quickly. The thing is unraveling fast. The expert cited by Vietnam War Heroes, Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator John McCain, to justify war and support for the alleged majority milder and gentler rebel group, seems to be a little more than meets the eye. The civilised world learns that Ms Elizabeth O’Bagy has been fired by her organisation, ostensibly for ‘doctoring’ her CV – she has no PhD from Georgetown University. And not only that, Ms O’Bagy was an ‘agent’ for one of the rebel groups in Syria. A slick combination of Judith Miller and Ahmed Chalabi. According to McClatchy, Think tank fires Syria analyst Kerry cited to support claims about moderate rebels

The article identified her only by her institute affiliation, but the Journal later acknowledged that she also was the task force’s political director. The Journal described the group as providing “aid to the Syrian opposition” under contracts with the U.S. and British governments. Kerry and McCain, R-Ariz., cited O’Bagy’s piece during congressional hearings last week in response to questions about whether missile strikes on Syria might empower al Qaida-affiliated fighters in the rebel movement.

And Georgetown University? Located in Washington, DC – not in Outer Mongolia. No. You cannot make this stuff up. Again, the civilised world should not expect any expression of embarrassment or apology from the Evangelists of Death and Destruction, irrespective of Republican or Democrat party. Read the rest of this entry »

Leprechaunomics, begorra!

The luck of the Irish. This one we couldn’t invent. If even Dean Baker couldn’t believe it, who then are we? And when the usually staid, data-focused Calculated Risk joins the fray, we know we’re up a creek and hoping the Irish Times is, well, being impishly Irish with its tale, Recession out of the picture as Fermanagh puts on a brave face for G8leaders”.

4a38392c-81f9-4159-897b-e7118fe8605d-460x252Ireland GDP U

On 17 and 18 June 2013, the G8 leaders are to meet in Fermanagh, Ireland. And if that wasn’t bad luck enough for the Irish (and the unprivileged rest of the world), it was necessary to transmogrify evident signs of severe economic distress into sparkling and booming affluence. So in came the Leprechaunomists with their magic, inspired by one (case of) Guinness too many. Poof! No severe economic downturn. No brutal unemployment. The magic of Expansionary Austerity.

The blarney will meet the, the, well, to adapt Alvy Singer, “I happen to have Prof Frankfurt’s essay right here”. No pot- o’-gold for the Irish at the end of this rainbow.

Update, 21 June: Aside that comical, obligatory photo-op of posing with a Guinness, we have an incisive, withering take-down of the farce, the hypocrisy

We give praise to Honourable Clare Daly with this special shamrock.