…aylan, who worried that his father might drown…

…love and caring amid unremitting malevolence…

Pepe Escobar in a post at RT demonstrates the power of prose in his analysis of the US, Nato, and followers and their adventures in the Middle East and elsewhere. His post, Blowback on a NATO beach,

Little did Nilufer Demir, 29, the female photojournalist of the Turkish Dogan News agency know that the moment she saw little Aylan Kurdi, 3, washed ashore at the Ali Hoca Burnu beach near Bodrum, she would be making history.

Aylan is alone, as if suspended by the immense solitude of death, just as his family’s dream of offering him a new life in a new continent away from death and destruction was about to be fulfilled. It’s as if his lone lifeless body at the shores of a NATO beach was also about to prefigure the death of Europe – or the death of a once pan-European dream of solidarity and compassion.

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