…the bible made me do it, and other idiocies…

…just following orders, instructions of the Bible?…

In St Matthew there is that well-known invocation that starts, ‘Suffer little children…’ Well in the US, we see,

Outrage in Arizona: US dumps hundreds of illegal migrant kids in AZ warehouses. An excerpt,

Another 700 children were scheduled to be transported from Texas to the Arizona facility over the weekend. Following their brief holdover, the detainees – many of them women, children and unaccompanied juveniles – are abandoned without food and water.

Perhaps someone, even passably familiar with language, should explain to these moral, law abiding patriots that the Biblical phrase does not have an exclamation after ‘children’, and that ‘suffer’ really means allow, permit. After all, what’s this ‘In God We Trust’ business. Read the rest of this entry »