…a forlorn voice from kunduz, heard…

…no thanks to the feckless complicit corporate media…

A victim recounts his experiences with that US gunship unleashing horrific death and destruction on an obvious, long known MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

We have a blog doing what the increasingly disreputable US media, specifically, steadfastly avoids. Indeed, even if such a topic is treated it follows guidelines, implicit or explicit – however preposterous. The common dreams blog provides this post from a Dr Hakim, Kunduz MSF Hospital U.S. Bombing Survivor: “I Want my Story to be Heard.”   Some snippets,

“Mom, I’m injured, and don’t have time. Could you pass the phone to dad?”

“What happened, my son?”

“Please pass the phone to dad!”

“What happened, my son?”

I could almost hear his distraught mother wondering what could have happened to her son who should have been safe in the hospital environment.

And that is just part of the story, both tragic, and reinforcing evidence of cynical US policy. For further context, Glenn Greenwald at the Intercept refreshes memory that often seeks to suppress unpleasant truths.

U.S. Journalists Who Instantly Exonerated Their Government of the Kunduz Hospital Attack, Declaring it an “Accident”

UPDATE II: Political Science professor Corey Robin directed me to this article in The Nation by Greg Gradin and said: “Right after Kunduz, historian showed deliberate targeting of hospitals was policy for U.S. in Cambodia.” But as I replied to Professor Robin, and as all these intrepid journalists have taught us: “Nobody needs to read this. We all KNOW that **Americans** don’t do things like this. Only Bad Countries & People do.”

…hospitals bombed by us military: vietnam, cambodia, grenada, … – all ‘accidents’, premeditated…