…britain, an empire once more…or umpire?…

…where, oh, where is that irascible Jonathan Pie Reporter with his off-camera colourful fulminations?…

Field Marshall George Osbourne of the David Cameron Tory government assures the US that, like Shaft, the UK is one ‘baaad muva’. Indeed, in the year 2015 he reassures all and sundry that the UK has got its mojo (?) back. Mojo? Mojo?

As RT reports on the ‘dood’s baaadness’, ‘Britain’s got its mojo back in Syria, with US in reasserting Western values’ – Osborne. Some unprepared readers to their chagrin will learn to not sip coffee while reading.

Britain’s new bombing campaign in Syria signals a return to its commitment of asserting Western values around the world and shows the UK has got its “mojo back,” according to Chancellor George Osborne.
Addressing the Council of Foreign Relations on Monday, Osborne lauded the overwhelming vote by MPs last Wednesday to extend airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) from Iraq into Syria.
Britain has got its mojo back and we are going to be with you as we reassert Western values, confident that our best days lie ahead,” he told audience members at a meeting of the think tank held in New York.

[bold added for emphasis]

Somehow reality seems always to anticipate official foolishness. Only couple  days before this stupendous speech by this UK Chancellor of the Exchequer in New York, The Guardian’s cartoonist would forewarn us, Syria and the cigar fug of war – cartoon. Then again ridicule is often lost on the utterly self-absorbed.

While awaiting his medals and ribbons of conquest, ‘Winston Churchill’ Osbourne may learn of a recent discovery known to millions for some time in the UK, known even to a former Tory Prime Minister, a PM who had defenestrated a late US President’s favourite PM, The five charts that prove John Major is right when he bemoans the ‘shocking’ levels of inequality in Britain. ‘Winnie’ may, since his PM is still working at, also discover massive flooding in the country due largely to the government’s skewed priorities.

…may the mojo be with you, bruva chancellor…