…a speech, schlock and bore redux…

sand creek, sandy hook, san bernadino…

So… The US President gave his much advertised national address to which many might have listened, and very many not – as has increasingly been the case.

But first a minor detour. An assailant attacks innocent people in a subway station, stabbing two. Police, looking like real police, arrive and disable and detain and arrest and charge the accused. Not one shot fired. Clearly, not the US– but London, UK, a country where police for 2015 to date shot to death a total of one, one person. And that leads us to the evidence which is so massive and still accumulating that the audacity to declare its relative absence borders on insulting to one’s intelligence.

A cartoon in The Guardian depicts in utmost clarity the mindset of a gun-obsessed society, a society that boasts most of the world’s professionals, scientists and intellects – and warmongers.

So then how does the speech of the US President to his nation on violence and terror fit into reality? How do we count the ways? We can turn to Norm Solomon who did what many chose not to do – suffer through obfuscation coated with rhetoric, endure glib but artless political chicanery. In his post, Obama’s Speech, Translated into Candor,  at common dreams he translates what the US President really tried to say, amid the gobbledygook. A sample,

I kind of realize we can’t kill our way out of this conflict with ISIL, but in the short term hopefully we can kill our way out of the danger of a Republican victory in the presidential race next year.


For that ‘ouch’ moment,

While I’m urging some gun control, that certainly doesn’t apply to the Pentagon. The Joint Chiefs and their underlings have passed all the background checks they need by virtue of getting to put on a uniform of the United States Armed Forces.

Solomon reminds many of that moment when they had tuned out completely from the Washingtonia promoted by its compliant media,

I gave a lofty major speech a couple of years ago about how a democratic society can’t have perpetual war. I like to talk about such sugary ideals; a spoonful helps the doublethink medicine go down.

Another perspective. Anticipating the US President’s speech, Robert Parry in his post, Obama’s Credibility Crisis,  over at the same common dreams would set forth why inane platitudes, cloaked in now jaded rhetoric, would be the order of of the day,

President Barack Obama seems to want so desperately to be one of the elite inhabitants of Official Washington’s bubble that he keeps pushing narratives that he knows aren’t true, all the better to demonstrate that he belongs in the in-crowd. It has reached the point that he speaks out so many sides of his mouth that no one can tell what his words actually mean.

Indeed, Obama arguably suffers from the worst “credibility gap” among the American people since Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon on the Vietnam War or at least since George W. Bush on the Iraq War. As eloquent as he can be, average folk in the U.S. and around the world tune him out.

[bold added for emphasis]

Of scant national achievement and experience but still sufficient enough for glossy packaging based on articulateness, heightened by soaring oratory, long since boring, this did prove to be the Ideal Candidate with a marketable ‘post-racial’ allure – ergo Presidential candidate.  Thus was this a conclusion long obvious to so many in so many countries,

Thus, the Obama administration’s credibility gap won’t be closed. Indeed, it will widen into a chasm, with Official Washington sitting on one side and the vast majority of humanity on the other. The undeserving winners will include the terrorists of ISIS and Al Qaeda. There will be many losers who deserve better.

And when diplomacy is equated with unceasing state-sanctioned violence? And when, as if by tacit agreement between the two US corporate political parties, unceasing state-sanctioned violence overseas trumps (!) addressing evident, endemic domestic social and economic crises? And who is fooled – other than the willfully credulous?

…so, when some socially maladjusted segment of us society sees violence by its government as the only solution to any problem, real or imagined?…