…in its midst, us americans fail to see…

…the serious threat to their nation lies within…

Prescience or what? Simply stunning. On Monday, 30 Nov, TeleSUR posted a report on an opinion article in Mexico’s La Jornada regarding relative safety and security in the United States. And Mexico is no ‘safe haven’.

US Is the Most Dangerous Country in the World, Says La Jornada

The United States is historically the most dangerous country in the world as well as the most fearful and unsafe, Mexican newspaper La Jornada stated Monday in an opinion article.

“Everything (in the U.S.) is about threat, everything is dangerous and everybody is a suspect,” the daily wrote. “And although politicians and mainstream media insist threats come from the exterior—such as Islamic State terrorist, drug traffickers, Colombians, Mexicans, Venezuelans and non-white immigrants—the true menace to the country comes from within.”

[bold added for emphasis]

One suspects that ‘in the world’ refers to the ‘Western world’.

Only a few days ago, just last Friday, was the report of a ‘loner’ who shot at innocent people in Colorado Springs, Colorado, killing three and injuring nine persons. (Of another race, the suspect would have been differently characterised.) Now comes this from the NYT, Multiple Deaths Feared in Mass Shooting in San Bernardino

More innocent people, and going about their daily lives, some quite likely struggling to make ends meet. Obligatory rhetoric to follow, as usual. And the routine continues.

Sadly, the sophistication of the distractions by the corporate media continues to achieve its purpose – wholly fearsome enemies, mostly imagined or insignificant, outside are the existential worry.

…pogo’s ignored insight: ‘we’ve met the enemy and he is us.’…