…cop21 meets proposed tpp?…

…or, climate conference – photo op or results-oriented?…

As the US President pushes for action at the COP21 in Paris comes news on a report by the Sierra Club. In that news is the observation that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), now to be considered for approval by respective legislatures of the 12 proposed members, seems to have not explicitly shown concern for climate change. Surely, a misunderstanding – on the part of Sierra Club? Or? As Andrea Germanos, staff writer, over at the common dreams blog, New Report Details TPP’s ‘Panoply of Threats’ to Climate. Of note,

“After years of extraordinary secrecy,” the report states, “it’s finally clear what TPP negotiators were trying to hide: The TPP is a raw deal for communities and our climate.”

With the words “climate change” entirely absent from the 6,000-page deal, it offers “a clear sign it is not ‘a 21st-century trade agreement.'” Not only would the deal not address climate change—it would actually make it worse, the publication states.

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Little concern for the environment expressed in the TPP document, a US-promoted initiative, yet senior US officials at climate change conference in Paris and vocal about addressing an issue omitted in the TPP document?

Complementing that report is one from TeleSUR, which adds to areas touched on, TPP Dooms World to Climate Crisis, Says Report

So then the question arises, rhetorical, “Whose interests do those elected officials (and their delegated negotiators) really represent?”