…a remembrance day to remember…

…as perpetual war is celebrated as ultimate deterrent to war…

The House of Cards seems about to collapse on its own falsehoods, one House in the UK, the other, the US. Whereas in the US where corporate control so far continues to ensure the periodic charades of elections with the sole viable choice being either of the two totally captured parties, things have turned rather awkward in Britain.

There, other political parties have registered their mark in elections, parties only recently such as Liberal Democrats (LibDems) and UK Independence Party (UKIP). Often such have made sufficient ‘noise’ above their actual power to attract media and voters’ attention – in stark contrast to what obtains in the US.

That awkwardness comes from within the Labour party, a party that had turned quite elite, upper class, Blairite, with occasional bland mutterings to calm the ‘working class’. Its recent electoral loss to the Conservatives, from which it had slight difference and with which it had seemingly colluded to thwart that Scottish vote, did present a golden opportunity for change. And change did come, drastic change in the person of Jeremy Corbyn. Voting in such change were totally disaffected Labour members in defiance of the blandishments of the privileged of the status quo. 

Corbyn’s victory would unleash a fury at him, and understandably so. His political beliefs and positions, especially on the profit-generating machine of war and policy favourable to the middle and lower class, will now greater exposure, no matter how the media may try to ignore or vilify him. No better gift could he receive than that from the Prime Minister Cameron who declared him a threat to national security, thereby offering a factual contrast between the truthfulness of Corbyn and the mendacity of a UK PM in quest of his British Empire Lite.

With the advent of Memorial Day, 11 Nov, poppies and all that, vitriolic attacks from UK corporate media would intensify, but with, as ever, unintended consequences. As the Independent succinctly reported, the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail would lead the onslaught, reaching back to a speech, a sobering speech, Corbyn had made in 2013, and profusely misquoting the new Labour leader.

And the UK Remembrance Sunday would see no end to media attacks. The attacks, especially from the Telegraph, would turn on his failure to bow in respect for the fallen. The Independent would lead the counterattack on the lies of a corporate media class also panicked at the thought of a more activist, inclusive political leader whose possible rise to PM, however challenging, poses a terrifying prospect for and direct threat to a cynical and ruthless ruling class.

The utter fecklessness of the UK traditional media would occur with an incriminating interview of Dennis Skinner by the BBC on 14.09.15. That interview, and especially its aftermath (‘spin’, ‘It was just a joke’), shows the callous distortion that pervades most UK corporate news media – even though their level of distortion is yet to reach that of their US counterparts. (Moreover a correction such as Skinner’s would never see the light of day in the more controlling US.)

As for wars, the vendors and their one-percenters, timely news would come of a timeless poem recently re-discovered and now made public. The poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley; the poem, Poetical Essay on the Existing State of Things. Yes, ‘Things come part; the centre [corrupt] cannot hold…’. A portent of the decline and fall of the exceptionals?

…and, yes, the us does celebrate its fallen (and surviving) heroes on its veterans day, and all other days