…wall street, his master’s voice…

…and responding accordingly…

David Dayen at The Intercept does some research, as would be expected of serious journalists, and he finds Talk of Criminally Prosecuting Corporations Up, Actual Prosecutions Down

A new analysis of federal data from Syracuse University finds that the Justice Department’s criminal prosecutions of corporations fell 29 percent from 2004 to 2014, even as criminal referrals to the Justice Department from other federal agencies have risen.

The figure shows the exceptional performance of the US President’s Justice Department, with the chief lawman and his sidekick riding off to their now mega-ranches. By now most will have been accustomed to the tiresome, emptiness of the rhetoric, and the ensuing thorough lack of any action on issues that adversely affect the non-one percent of the quiescent and mildly apprehensive US victims.

On the matter of ‘just following orders’ from above, as another pesky journalist would state,

Holder Defends Record of Not Prosecuting Financial Fraud With Mission Accomplished the establishment media and the involved parties breathe a sigh of relief and move on to the excitement of the frivolous. Not so, serious journalists, as Dan Froomkin would observe,

And I noted that after he stepped down from his post in April, he went back to his job at Covington & Burling, the gigantic D.C. law firm whose clients have included many of the big banks which Holder chose not to prosecute. (The reception was actually held at Covington & Burling’s swanky new building downtown. While it was being built — while Holder was still attorney general! — the firm actually kept an 11th-story corner office reserved for his return. He was making over $3 million a year from the firm before his sojourn at the Justice Department, his current salary has not been disclosed.)

..it all becomes clear once that marc rich pardon is recalled…