…is the us getting a bomb rap on the kunduz hospital?…

…war hero senator mccain had merely intoned, ‘bomb, bomb, bomb iran’, no more…

As the US MSM seeks to slink away from the US bombing of the MSF hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, other bloggers and less disreputable media keep the bright light of truth on the atrocity and war crime.

For starters, Kathy Kelly comments over at common dreams blog, The Obscenity of Our War. Kelly weaves in the unleashing of the start of Folly in the Middle East,

Before the 2003 Shock and Awe bombing in Iraq, a group of activists living in Baghdad would regularly go to city sites that were crucial for maintaining health and well-being in Baghdad, such as hospitals, electrical facilities, water purification plants, and schools, and string large vinyl banners between the trees outside these buildings which read: “To Bomb This Site Would Be A War Crime.”  We encouraged people in U.S. cities to do the same, trying to build empathy for people trapped in Iraq, anticipating a terrible aerial bombing.

Tragically, sadly, the banners must again condemn war crimes, this time echoing international outcry because in an hour of airstrikes this past Saturday morning, the U.S. repeatedly bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, a facility that served the fifth largest city in Afghanistan and the surrounding region.


And gets into some grisly details of the US bombing, first described by the US as ‘collateral damage’,

“Patients were burning in their beds,” said one nurse, an eyewitness to the ICU attack.”There are no words for how terrible it was.”  The U.S. airstrikes continued, even after the Doctors Without Borders officials had notified the U.S., NATO and Afghan military that the warplanes were attacking the hospital.

To demonstrate the uselessness of warning signs about hospitals as Kelly had mentioned, we would learn from The Guardian in Apr03, Baghdad hospital bombed. Relevant snippets,

US aircraft hit a Red Crescent maternity hospital in Baghdad, the city’s trade fair, and other civilian buildings today, killing several people and wounding at least 25, hospital sources and a Reuters witness said.

The attacks occurred at 9.30am (0630 BST) and caught motorists by surprise as they ventured out during a lull in the bombing. At least five cars were crushed and their drivers burned to death inside, Reuters correspondent Samia Nakhoul said.

Patients and at least three doctors and nurses working at the hospital were among those wounded.

(And that was just starters for Iraq, as some journalists would also discover, and mortally.)

In the same vein, Paul Craig Roberts weighs in at counterpunch, American Vice. He observes,

Also routine is Washington’s obliteration of weddings, funerals, and medical centers with bombs and drones.  Two days after Obama expressed his despair, frustration and anger over the Oregon mass shootings, a US air strike hit a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. According to numerous news reports, at least 19 people were killed, including 12 members of Doctors Without Borders, and another 37 wounded. The US air strike killed one person on the operating table, and intensive care patients burned to death in their beds.

For Washington, these mass murders are only “collateral damage,” nothing warranting a presidential statement displaying despair, anger, and frustration.

(The Kelly and Roberts articles do provide stronger insights into a domestic and foreign policy that is erratic and dangerous.)

To bomb a hospital, clearly designated as such, is a war crime? Well, is there more precedent for such bombing? We turn to ‘legacy’ MSM, the NYT, which reports in Nov83, U.S. CONCEDES BOMBING HOSPITAL IN GRENADA, KILLING AT LEAST 12.

We are informed,

WASHINGTON, Oct. 31 – The Defense Department said today that at least 12 people were killed when a United States Navy plane bombed a civilian hospital in the early hours of the invasion of Grenada last week.

The officials, acknowledging earlier press reports of civilian casualties at a hospital, said the building was not marked as a hospital and was in a milimarked as a hospital and was in a military complex from which gunfire was being directed at American troops. They said they were unable to confirm reports that the hospital was for mental patients.

[bold added for emphasis]

As the NYT adds the spin, it ‘informs’ us that hospital was in a military complex. And, as usual, gunfire directed at ‘American’ (US) troops. So what else is new? To go back to any report on the Kunduz hospital bombing and slaughter is unnecessary. And to silence the critics – it is not just weddings that get wiped out from aloft. JW Fulbright had famously described US policy as ‘The Arrogance of Power’, as the farce continues.

…and it was not even a tuesday when the us president decides who are to be ‘bug splatted’ from on high…