…the disinfectant of truth and the fading corporate msm…

…as alternative media gain in trust for reliability and accuracy…

The ascendancy of the blogs and other media is due more to integrity and professionalism in practicing journalism. The evidence is overwhelming – especially in the case of the US corporate media, with the establishment newspapers such as NYT and WaPo, and CNN and cable and network TV as prime examples.

In the case of Syria, Prof Gary Leupp over at counterpunch illustrates the amateurish and comical predictability of the media, A Useful Prep-Sheet on Syria for Media Propagandists. An example,

* Keep treating the Assad regime as an obvious pariah, whose leader has “lost legitimacy.” Say that with an air of authority, like you really believe that U.S. presidents—like Chinese emperors of the past or medieval popes— enjoy so much “legitimacy” that they can confer this on, or remove it from, anybody else.

Study CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s facial expressions and body language when he announces—so matter-of-factly, as a self-evident fact, as a done deal—that (come on, everybody!) “Assad hast lost legitimacy.”

Over at common dreams Robert Parry  sets forth with great clarity how the game is played with active participation of state and ‘independent’ media, here the US, The Power of False Narrative

The risible ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ claims to justify the slaughter and control in Central America

The fact that many of the U.S.-backed forces – from the Nicaraguan Contras to the Guatemalan military – were little more than corrupt death squads couldn’t be true, at least according to psy-ops doctrine. They had to be presented to the American public as wearing white hats. Thus, the Contras became the “moral equals of our Founding Fathers”and Guatemala’s murderous leader Efrain Rios Montt was getting a “bum rap” on human rights, according to the words scripted for President Reagan.

And for how the scheme works, the administration demonises and the MSM follows in lock-step.

The scheme also required that anyone – say, a journalist, a human rights activist or a congressional investigator – who contradicted this white-hat mandate must be discredited, marginalized or destroyed, a routine of killing any honest messenger.

Once the black hat was jammed on a foreign leader’s head, you could say whatever you wanted about him and disparage any American who questioned the extreme depiction as a “fill-in-the-blank apologist” or a “stooge” or some other ugly identifier that would either silence the dissenter or place him or her outside the bounds of acceptable debate.

Any act in flagrante delicto is tuned down and out of the narrative with the bearer of the bad news vilified by even his colleagues. And Ukraine?

Meanwhile, evidence of a U.S.-backed coup, such as the intercepted phone call of a pre-coup discussion between Assistant Secretary Nuland and U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt on how “to midwife this thing” and who to install in the new government (“Yats is the guy”), disappeared into the memory hole, not helpful for the desired narrative. [See Consortiumnews.com’s “NYT Still Pretends No Coup in Ukraine.”]

And for the PR-created Nobel Prize Laureate President? President of a Lasting Legacy of Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan? And the Greatest Refugee Crisis since World War II? Not to mention Latin America, and Venezuela as threat to the US?

Yet, while the U.S. press corps deserves a great deal of blame for this failure to investigate important controversies independently, President Obama and his administration have been the driving force in this manipulation of public opinion over the past six-plus years. Instead of the transparent government that Obama promised, he has run one of the most opaque, if not the most secretive, administrations in American history.

But for the blogs and other alternative media, mere ordinariness masked by rhetoric, a diminished stature evident in the presence of many Latin leaders at the recent Summit of the Americas would have been ‘cotton candied’ into ‘visionary’ and commanding world leadership. Even the promotional media could not disguise the obvious with very recent official visits to the US of Pope Francis and the Chinese PM Xi Jinping. Ending all doubts on leaders and leadership was the Russian President at the United Nations.

…will that disinfectant create a less unhealthy environment of promoting perpetual war and resource grab?…