…another day and the great raj, the grand caliph, uk pm – hero of libya…

…clearly, not making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear?…

After excoriating Jeremy Corbyn and having one of his military forecast mutiny over a Corbyn electoral victory, what else can there be in the day of the life of a UK politician who seems to fail at the photo-op of eating a bacon sandwich, and another more circumspect, camera conscious eating a hotdog? Well, the past would serve up uncomfortable reminders for the UK PM.

And we refer not to this famous episode, where there was that ‘hail the conquering hero comes!’ moment – for the ecstatic corporate MSM. There would be that dissenting media voice that would continue to haunt the dreams of profits and political advantage, To the victors the problems: Cameron and Sarkozy in Libya As Simon Tisdall would remark on the two heroes walking tall in their triumph,

David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy were at pains to stress they had not come to Libya in search of lucrative reconstruction contracts and easy-terms oil deals. Their tone in Tripoli on Thursday was far too high-minded for that. But in truth, like self-styled conquering heroes through history, the British and French leaders arrived in hot pursuit of victors’ laurels that may, in time, produce a handy financial payback. This was, first and foremost, the Dave and Sarko spoils of war tour.


Politically speaking, the descent of the Anglo-French dynamic duo on an unsuspecting but dutifully grateful AFE (Almost Free Libya) was an opportunity too good to miss. Battered and buffeted at home by recycled recession, joblessness, penniless Greeks, and electoral unpopularity, Cameron and Sarkozy had a chance, briefly, to walk tall.

It was not exactly a Roman triumph…

And that intoxicating victory so triumphantly celebrated never quite amounted to even a victory lap. Reality would refuse to cooperate with even leaders of former empires. No, that past that would return has more to do with the rights of the ruling class, and their, to put it euphemistically, ‘rites of passage’. Another rationalisation could be ‘youthful indiscretions’.

A book by a Tory billionaire whose upbringing allows for more than a modicum of overlapping socialising of the upper class. TeleSUR reports, UK: Daily Mail’s Revelations Slaughter Ties with Cameron. We should bear in mind that inflexible opposition to immigrants – until the explosion of the refugee crisis and drowning, photograph, of Aylan, would provoke some tepid offers to accept refugees (ability to read fine print, of course required).

“Our identification in this story is with the poor piggy, because the dirty little secret at the heart of our establishment may not be this one at all,” wrote Suzanne Moore in the Guardian. “We already know there is an entitled class that feels that normal rules don’t apply. It’s just part of the full English.”

Cameron, who apparently had a change of heart over the refugee crisis when the Daily Mail’s outrage suddenly was redirected from asylum seekers trying to enter Britain through Calais to the plight of refugee children, seems to have fallen out of favor with the paper over his former hedonistic excesses.

No ‘Tally ho!’ on this one. Yes, this is the sort that wants the likes of a Corbyn out of leadership roles to serve the working class and other than the ruling class. And that other scandal that has long haunted Westminster confirms conclusively the need for a Jeremy Corbyn – that Scottish referendum worked wonders at strengthening the effort to restore some democracy for the people of the UK.

…yes, that revelation is from the daily mail – not the guardian, not the independent…