…tx, usa, education and programmed hysteria…

…brainwashed writ large, that pavlovian thing…

The role of a teacher, an educator? And, yes, it is very worrying that normally educated, rational people should, in an instant, default to uncontrolled, almost lunatic, hysteria. The child, yes, fitting ‘that profile’, built a clock and ends up being handcuffed, jailed and, expected to be grateful that charges were not brought against him?

Yes, this is the US, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave (Pat Pending?), a country with an abundance of sane and intelligent and accomplished, whose existence is continually overshadowed by fringes of its population conditioned to be easily terrified and to instantly inflict that fear on the helpless, in a word, cowardly bullies, even if possessing some certificate of competence.

What we continue to witness, the rational people of the US who also ridicule the very foolishness now reap worldwide ridicule as their rewards of the ‘war on terror’, as its purveyors reap massive profits of ‘perpetual war’.  C’est la guerre.

As RT reports, #IstandwithAhmed breaks internet: Millions on clock watch for 9th grader detained for device

#IStandWithAhmed became the number one trending hashtag worldwide on Twitter after 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was handcuffed and arrested for taking a homemade clock to his Texas high school.

Ahmed, a ninth grader from Irving, Texas, was eager to impress his teachers with his newest creation – a clock that he invented in just 20 minutes, consisting of a circuit board and a power supply wired to a digital display. The clock and its wirings were all strapped inside a case.

On this we have clocking in some of the  very many rational (and embarrassed) US populace who lack the patriotic xenophobia necessary to garner corporate headlines for their bravery. (And in bad, yet predictable, timing would appear two of the very public faces associated with promoting the very climate of fear, and with it, intolerance.)

In an example of stark contrast that throws a different complexion on the matter, TeleSUR includes in its report the effusive praise and rewards showered on a then 14-year old white student, Taylor Wilson, who had built a sophisticated ‘nuclear’ reactor at his home. Truly, another timely article definitely worth a read – if one, well, has the time.

…how much is the us in its own time warp? explains why the mad hatter is late, detained by tx police…