…home of the brave terrified by…a clock…

…what must the very many sane usans be thinking?…

The steady drumbeat of fear mongering must have some effect on vulnerable, simple minds, and that can include teachers and security officials. Every day the public is informed of some dire plot disrupted just in time, in many cases active entrapment of gullible, credulous people who would normally go about their dreary, ordinary lives, if left undisturbed. But expendables are useful to demonstrate statistics of success. Or if it informed of some bombing of some fabricated enemy du jour, and in the process kill innocent women, children and men – with the ‘success’ breathlessly reported by the fearless, truth seeking corporate media.

Many recognise that the so-called ‘war on terror’ is and has been a racket, a money spinner for the fear mongers, political, corporate and military. And with an eagerly credulous population base, the gravy train only adds carriages as it rolls on.

Yes, what’s in a name? For that we have a sample of incisive reporting on the epitome of stupidity and cravenness. TeleSUR provides the news report, Texas Muslim Student Arrested for Clock Suspected to Be a Bomb. We learn,   

Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old student, was forced out of his Texas school in handcuffs after a teacher called the police, suspicious that a homemade clock he brought to class was a bomb, local media reported Tuesday.

Mohamed, a long-time tech nerd, spent Monday in juvenile detention center where he was being questioned by the police for the homemade clock he brought to school, according to the Dallas Morning News.

His English teacher feared it was a bomb when she first saw it and called for the intervention of the principal and the police. While he was being interrogated by the police, the principal threatened to expel him if he didn’t make a written statement, Mohamed said.

Andreas Germanos over at common dreams would report, Arrest of Muslim Teen for Bringing Clock to School

And the photos serve to incriminate and condemn these intrepid protectors of freedom.

‘Inevitable Byproduct of Culture of Fear’. An excerpt,

A Muslim teen with dreams of becoming an engineer brought a clock he made to his Texas high school on Monday.

Then this happened: the teen, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, sporting a NASA t-shirt, was arrested, handcuffed, and suspended for three days. The ACLU says the arrest has sparked questions about racial profiling.

“They arrested me and told me I committed a crime of a hoax bomb—a fake bomb,” the freshman at MacArthur High told News 8.

The journey into the territory of unsurpassable irrationality continues,

He was taken to police headquarters where he was interrogated.  Local news NBC-DFWcontinues:

“I tried making a phone call to my father. They said, ‘You’re in the middle of an interrogation. You can’t have a phone call,'” he said. “I really don’t think it’s fair, because I brought something to school that wasn’t a threat to anyone. I didn’t do anything wrong. I just showed my teachers something and I end up being arrested later that day.”

Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd said late Wednesday morning that no charges would be filed against Mohamed, though, as WGCUreports, police seemed to be unable to believe that the student had simply brought in something he made to show his teacher.

Yes, ‘Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Pat Pending? The photo of the child in handcuffs will define indelibly the character of his clueless accusers.

Glenn Greenwald at the intercept has his say on how very foolish highly paid tossers can be, and the unacceptable embarrassment they cause to those of greater class – and not much effort needed for that class business, as cross-posted in common dreams, Arrest of 14-Year-Old Student for Making a Clock: the Fruits of Sustained Fearmongering and Anti-Muslim Animus A quick observation to encourage further reading,

There are sprawling industries and self-proclaimed career “terrorism experts” in the U.S. that profit greatly by deliberately exaggerating the threat of Terrorism and keeping Americans in a state of abject fear of “radical Islam.” There are all sorts of polemicists who build their public platforms by demonizing Muslims and scoffing at concerns over “Islamaphobia,” with the most toxic ones insisting that such a thing does not even exist, even as the mere presence of mosques is opposed across the country, or even as they are physically attacked.

Distancing themselves, very quickly and noticeably, from the shameful event would be the US President and is former Secretary of State and candidate for the Presidency.

All’s well that ends well? After all he could have been in an orange jump suit in Guantanamo, hanging upside down like a bat, as one of ‘the worst of the worst’, and being ‘interviewed’ by Jack Bauer.

Now, imagine if, instead, it had been a crystal set, a one (or more) tube/valve radio, solder, the soldering iron, pieces of red, yellow, black or green wire. The state of Texas (and adjacent) would have been in total ‘lockdown’? Helicopters flying overhead?

…if this ‘little event’ fails to persuade the disturbingly inattentive us public that it has been conned, then what hope for change…