…a nobel laureate president – his latest accomplishment, refugees…

…and by the hundreds of thousands, aside many drownings (and deaths in transit)…

As the ‘civilised world’ complains of refugees fleeing to European countries, it prefers not to ask why they are coming, and in such droves. Somehow the rest of the world already knows these answers. We sample reports on the trials and tribulations of people who are victims of whimsical destructiveness – a shredding of Sykes-Picot for a new order of utter chaos, of destroyed states and plundered resources, where ever possible.

AJE would give a report on yet another spate of drownings, after those of toddlers, Aylan and Galip, and their mother Rehan, that shook the world, even the instigating countries.

AJE reports, Refugees drown as boat capsizes off Greek island And this time the tragedy is even worse, but receives less coverage from the ‘legacy’ media of the countries directly responsible.

At least 38 refugees – including at least 14 children – have drowned after a wooden fishing boat sank off the Greek Island of Farmakonisi, the Greek coastguard has said.

Four babies and 10 young children – five boys and five girls – were among 112 people on the stricken boat when it sank off the southern Aegean island early on Sunday, the Athens News Agency reported.

The toll is thought to be the largest recorded from any single accident in Greek waters since the refugee crisis began.

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As for the country of that cruel camerawoman, uncomfortable reminders of inhumane behaviour during that last major world war, from the common dreams blog, Protests Erupt in Hungary as ‘Fortress Europe’ Rises to Replace Open Borders.

After sending army soldiers to bolster defense of newly-erected razor-lined fences, Orbán declared a state of emergency for southern portions of his country along the Serbian border early in the day. Reports indicate that thousands have already been turned away while those who attempted to pass through the fortified border have been arrested under a new criminal code.

Of course, with regard to that camerawoman her visceral xenophobia might have remained unexposed, had chaos not been cynically and brutally unleashed on Syria – after all, to the dictators of ‘regime change’, Libya had seemed so easy, until uncharitable reality intruded.

As we know, one picture is worth a thousand words. And we find value in abundance – from razor wire on trains to a huddled mass of people awaiting buses to Vienna, Hungary seals border with Serbia – in pictures

Refugees and a tiny hospitable country, itself under duress, The people who fled Syria for Lebanon – in pictures

If the humanitarian crisis was not bad enough, along comes the Raj, the Great Sultan and UK PM of his imaginary British Empire 2.0, Cameron prepared to bypass Corbyn to get Syria airstrikes backing. Syria is not at war with either the US or the UK. Or France for that matter. However, delusions of Empire do die hard, as innocents would have to in the process, and the military weakness of the victim ensures a grim harvest of death and destruction and displacement. And the UK does trail the US in this ‘great game’, the profits of war. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria…

Venezuela offers to accept 20,000, Brasil, 20,000 refugees. Two Latin American countries. Yet neither of these countries was complicit in the ongoing, seeming depopulation and sundering of those Middle Eastern countries, guilty of not being fully deferential to the dictates of the US and its ‘Coalition’.

…again, why are these people fleeing their homelands and their possessions? that enduring legacy of a president…