…syrian toddler, aylan kurdi, escapes mouth of shark…

…and that was insufficient…

The US corporate media, buglers for ‘regime change’ and ‘R2P’, continue to skirt the prime cause of the waves (‘swarm‘) of refugees into Europe. Indeed, one ‘legacy’ newspaper even had the temerity to argue US populace was weary of two wars,* validating the wariness and reflexive dismissiveness toward such establishment media. As the severity of the crisis gripped the rest of the world, the media would entertain its customers with heart-warming coverage of the US President doing a jig with some Alaskan children, holding a salmon handed to him by a fisherwoman so that the cameras can show him holding the wriggling fish and making some inane remark.

The US blogs, on the other hand, have been less acquiescent, fearless on the consequences of the frenzied destructiveness inflicted on weak, non-compliant countries. Over at common dreams Abby Zimet eschews niceties. She examines the plight of the desperate refugees – ‘swarm’ as the imperious British PM Cameron would disparagingly deem them – within the context of a poem, a poem that captures the plight of the refugee. No One Leaves Home Unless Home Is the Mouth of A Shark.

Before quoting the poem she sets the stage,

[Abdulla] Kurdi, meanwhile, broke down at a Turkish morgue after claiming the bodies of his drowned family – his wife Rehan, five-year-old son Galip, and three-year-old son Aylan, whose small body washed ashore became the image that for many made a formerly abstract refugee crisis suddenly, grimly real. Having left their battered hometown in hopes of reaching Greece and ultimately Canada, Kurdi said, “Now I don’t want anything. Even if you give me all the countries in the world, I don’t want them… My kids were the most beautiful children in the world. They are all gone now…We want the whole world to see this. Let this be the last.”

The first verse Ms Zimet quotes takes even the inattentive on the journey of enlightenment,

no one leaves home unless
home is the mouth of a shark
you only run for the border
when you see the whole city running as well

The photos serve to reinforce the indictment against the complicit.

If ever evidence of complicity of corporate media in the not yet cresting humanitarian disaster unleashed by a dangerously erratic US and its followers, a glance at their unembarrassed spurious coverage is more than sufficient.

…photos for posterity, one photo-op, the other, reality: a grinning us president holding a squirming salmon, and a grim mehmet ciplak cradling the lifeless body of aylan kurdi…

*Original first sentence of a since drastically modified WaPo article:

Many Obstacles Are Seen to U.S. Taking In Syrian Refugees

In the United States, there is little appetite for allowing large numbers of displaced Syrians to settle in a country still weary from two wars and struggling with its own immigration problems.

[bold added for emphasis]