…en honduras, ‘we came, we saw, he…

…well, not that ‘he’ in this case; instead, in the other, that ‘he’ was merely deposed and chaos unleashed…

The suffering of the Honduran people, and the violence and deaths, would continue unabated, and ignored by the US corporate MSM. After all, ‘Mission Accomplished’, and all that.

Addiction to that irrestible narcotic, power, often tends to invite the past to intrude as unwelcome guest to the present, an unpleasant presence that now routinely confronts the US President. And no different with one resolute candidate.

Deirdre Fulton in a very recent post over at common dreams returns those who have forgotten to a time recently past, that year, 2009, when the US President had attended V SOA. There, after a refreshing and promising exchange with the late Venezuelan President, he would, in a character defining moment, almost immediately and furiously backpedal, and allow his agents to then engage in gratuitous insults toward the late President Chávez.

As Fulton would state, in June of that year, the democratically elected President of Honduras was deposed in a military coup. Fulton recalls that event in her post, With White House Bid Underway, Clinton Role in Honduras Coup Raises Key Concerns, as the former Secretary of State continues in her energetic campaign to become US President in 2016. Couple observations,

During her time as Secretary of State, presidential candidate and former first lady Hillary Clinton engaged in the “engineering of regional politics in the service of the economic elite,” according to a Salon exclusive, Hillary Clinton Sold Out Honduras, published Monday.

“Though it’s less sexy than Benghazi, the crisis following a coup in Honduras in 2009 has Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints all over it, and her alleged cooperation with oligarchic elites during the affair does much to expose Clinton’s newfound, campaign-season progressive rhetoric as hollow,” writes journalist Matthew Pulver. “Moreover, the Honduran coup is something of a radioactive issue with fallout that touches many on Team Clinton, including husband Bill, once put into a full context.”

Also, very much worth reading for an insight into the chaos that often ensues from US meddling  in other countries’ affairs is the very article by Matthew Pulver of Salon. Nothing startling to those long familiar with such machinations in the region.

The ensuing instability and high levels of violence and murders would make Honduras one of the most dangerous countries in the world – what a distance from when deposed President Zelaya was striving to raise the living standards of the citizens of one of the poorest countries in Latin America.

And since history likes cruel reminders, we have Inside the Americas – Lethal Embezzlement in Honduras. And nothing like this excerpt from TeleSUR,

A total of US$350 million was embezzled from the Honduran Social Security health system in 2012-2013 during the Nationalist Party regime of Porfirio Lobo. Many of these funds were used to elect current President Juan Hernández of the same ruling party. Rights organizations say that 3,000 Hondurans have died because of the lack of equipment or medicine resulting from the embezzlement. As thousands of people continue to receive inadequate medical treatment, or no treatment whatsoever, at Social Security clinics, protesters take to the streets to demand the president’s resignation, an end to corruption and decent health care.

And, with the attempts to maintain a democracy in a questionable democracy, again TeleSUR, Honduran Congressional Leader Warns Corruption Scandal to Grow

Despite that the embattled Honduran President Juan Hernandez admitted Wednesday that his presidential campaign accepted money from companies involved in one of the worst corruption scandals to rock the Central American country, his administration could still face further problems. Lawmakers warn they are not fooling around when it comes to investigating graft.

Hernandez is facing an increasing wave of protests calling for his resignation fueled by a massive US$200 million scandal linked to the Honduran Institute of Social Security. Officials close to the President are allegedly involved in the scandal as trails of checks have led investigators to find out whether they were used to buy luxury homes and vehicles.

And, who is paying for the misdeeds of this ally and government, whose existence was facilitated by the US? Honduras: Poor Bear the Brunt of Health System Embezzlement. Nothing too surprising there, is there?

For those who need a rollicking story of crime and corruption – that is fact – and lots of shoot’em-up, The Guardian is our raconteur. How hit men and high living lifted lid on looting of Honduran healthcare system.

As we see from these tempting tidbits, suspenseful reading, ‘I just couldn’t put it down’ sort of stuff,

At first, the attempted murder of a travel agent by two gunmen on motorbikes seemed to be just another grim example of the lawlessness that plagues San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras – and one of the most of the most violent in the world.

But the intended victim, John Bográn, is widely believed to have been targeted for his alleged role in a massive fraud involving high-ranking government officials who were reportedly involved in the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from the social security system using a network of sham companies which left dying patients without life-saving medicines.

(And that was when the ever vigilant US DoJ would spring sprightly into action? To the envy of our Dudley Do-Right, ‘Bad guys’ rounded up, The End?)

And to provoke some wry smiles, TeleSUR obliges with, US Congress May Kill Central America ‘Prosperity’ Funding. Telling excerpts,

U.S. legislators are concerned that Congress may not approve the full US$1 billion President Obama requested earlier this year for the 2016 budget to the fund the Alliance for Prosperity initiative proposed for Central America.

Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Roberta Jacobson signaled that Congress may only approve the portion of the budget item earmarked for security initiatives, leaving out the other parts of the US$1 billion strategy that claims to promote economic prosperity, security, and good governance in Central America.

And for some context for the three candidate countries,

El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala have three of the five highest homicide rates in the world and some of the highest femicide rates in the region. In Honduras and Guatemala, recent massive corruption scandals shattering any remaining popular confidence in the countries’ governments have spurred growing popular movements demanding the immediate resignation of their Presidents Juan Orlando Hernandez and Otto Perez Molina.

With such a bombastic title, ‘Alliance for Prosperity’, it is not difficult to conclude that the initiative for these countries amounts to, well, a cruel and deadly joke, with the joke being on the mainly poor citizens of countries ruled by a handful of intolerant, acquisitive oligarchs supported by, well, the US.

As the Parthian shot, why not a look at the helplessness of the dispossessed and of those predestined (?) to the same condition, Coca-Cola Slowly Deprives 30,000 People of Water in El Salvador

Residents from a Salvadoran municipality have seen a gradual depletion and contamination of their main and only water source since multinational corporations like Coca-Cola started operations there, activists have denounced.

Come again? ‘Alliance for Prosperity’? Indeed. Whose?

…to be singularly uninformed is to be informed by us corporate msm; to be otherwise, the blogs and alternative media…