…fifa? or haiti can wait, as usual?…

…it seems that one has to depend on a ferret to ferret out important news…

The UN, its Nepalese soldiers, and cholera, well, there, the fate of a Haiti with slightly more people than NGOs, whose staff and consultants are less indigent, much less indigent…

The Guardian reports on a joint investigation done by the US National Public Radio (NPR) and an online news blog, ProPublica. That investigation has to do with the American Red Cross (ARC) and the allocation of the funds it received for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

As The Guardian reports, American Red Cross squandered aid after Haiti earthquake, report alleges. Couple paragraphs that invite at least a skim of the article,

Despite collecting nearly half a billion dollars for Haiti earthquake relief, the American Red Cross has built only six permanent homes and seemingly squandered millions in the country, according to a new report.

A joint investigation by ProPublica and NPR uncovered rampant mismanagement, high overhead costs and deeply rooted acrimony from Haitians toward the aid organization. Among the investigation’s findings was that although the Red Cross apportioned about $170m to the category of “shelter” relief, and although it at first planned to build some 700 houses, it only constructed six permanent homes.

Anyone who has worked in such countries would immediately recognise this,

A major problem for the organization was leadership and staffing, according to the report. Integral positions, including experts for health and shelter, were left vacant for months and sometimes years. The positions that were staffed were predominantly held by expats or by people flown in from the United States, many of whom could not speak French or Creole.

[bold added fro emphasis]

And when you combine such inadequacies with cultural unfamiliarity. to be charitable, not much success should be expected – even though the Caribbean region boasts quite a few qualified personnel with much more than the valuable country and institutional experience, and who do adapt quickly and well – w/o ac. Then, again, that ‘American’ in the Red Cross.

So, the sum? Almost half-billion dollars for earthquake relief? And the results to date for amounts disbursed? And hurricane season is in the offing? But, then, we are speaking Haiti?

Of course, while such poor performance and results would be well known among professionals of the region, the fact of the ARC being involved should at least have stirred some more interest on the part of the ‘legacy’ US MSM to highlight successes and challenges, and even elicit improvements.

Instead, here, NPR and ProPublica, and The Guardian do what so-called competitors of the ‘fourth estate’ should be doing, investigative journalism and reliable and accurate reporting, instead of stenography. That explains such a profusion of distractions, and worse when comes to countries like Haiti, in the same region.

…but haiti can still wait…back to fifa and sepp – and putin…