…us msm football coverage, higher than that of brasil’s media?…

…curious minds do want to know…

Certainly, after such blanket coverage of FIFA, Sepp Blatter and corruption in world football, we knew follow up would follow. So said, so done.

Yesterday Barça defeated Athletic Bilbao. And those goals had the football world in stunned wonderment. One that has the world, and, especially the US (?), still talking is that dazzling performance of a goal in some 13 seconds by Lionel Messi, a household name in the US (???). In the FA Cup Final Arsenal defeated Aston-Villa, a defeat that featured a stunner of a goal by Alexis Sánchez. Similar coverage by the US MSM of the Arsenal match. No? Well, next time? Or the time after?

If ever evidence were needed that once the US declares anyone a demon, its media, on cue, sends out its lynch mobs…

As Michel Platini recently waxed so moral about FIFA, and the US DoJ declares itself avatar of moral and legal rectitude and world enforcer, a re-look at bit of information that those who follow football know. As US corporate MSM, e.g., NYT and WaPo, are seen increasingly as untrustworthy, propagandistic, we turn to another electronic newspaper far more trustworthy and factual as news source, Michel Platini admits politics played part in Qatar 2022 World Cup win

And as the report would go on,

Blatter, who voted for the US to host the 2022 tournament but has since become an advocate of moving it to winter, said in an interview this week that there was “definitely direct political influence” on European executive committee members to vote for Qatar.

Even with 98% of the US, in essence, unfamiliar with the sport, Blatter saw that massive revenue stream, win-win, from advertising and having the US folk just go spend money and, with actual football devotees, provide a solid boost to the US economy.

Now, for contrast with the sudden sanctimoniousness of the present by so many, we have this from the past,

Platini has admitted voting for Qatar and lobbying for the move to winter, but has insisted that a much scrutinised meeting with the then French president Nicolas Sarkozy, the now Emir of Qatar and the Qatar prime minister did not result in pressure being put on him. “I knew Sarkozy wanted the people from Qatar to buy PSG,” Platini told the Guardian in May. “I understood that Sarkozy supported the candidature of Qatar. But he never asked me, or to vote for Russia [for the 2018 World Cup]. He knows my personality. I always vote for what is good for football. Not for myself, not for France.”

That ‘house cleaning’ that FIFA needs pales into insignificance when compared with that needed in so many rooms of the The Beacon of Democracy (TM?). Then, again, that FIFA failure to register in the US to provide campaign contributions to the two US corporate political parties – costly mistake.

One thing for certain is that Blatter and FIFA would serve unopened cans of soft drinks to Moslems, and discipline any who condone or practice racial hatred.

…the hypocrisy, as asphyxiating as the stench from manure in stables that make even the augean the envy of the gardens of the versailles…