…fifa, fi-fum: blatter gets past the blather…

…fifa, hotbed of corruption and ‘bad, bad stuff’; blatter, new us ‘hitler’?…

Incumbent President Sepp Blatter’s victory, not even close to a drone-like US ‘bug splat’, albeit tainted, does send a message. Though no Prince Charming of World Football, not being the favourite of the US or the UK was sufficient for him to roll on: ‘Ils ne passeront pas!‘ The sole opponent, the Jordanian Prince? The football world can breathe easier. In essence, the vote was a ‘red card’ for the  West’s clumsy attempt at a putsch, aside the clear need for some ‘house cleaning’ at FIFA.

Great was the head scratching when the Attorney-General (AG) of the US launched her attack on FIFA, indicting some of its officials for alleged bribery and corruption. And the sums she listed amounted to an astronomic US$150m, a truly mind-boggling sum. 

That such a dramatically executed initiative should originate from a country, whose population interested in football amounts to another astronomic figure, some 0.12 percent of a world population that passionately follows football. (Even though the name FIFA includes ‘Football’ the enforcers of US exceptionalism still insist on using the occasionally-used word, soccer, with most not even knowing what a ……. football looks like.)

The Guardian, yes, reports, Fifa officials pocketed $150m from ‘World Cup of fraud’ – US prosecutors.

And the predictable becomes immediate,

Lynch said Fifa would need to consider whether the World Cups in Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022, which have long been plagued with allegations of fraud, should go ahead as planned.

So, the US AG insinuates that for 2018, WC in England, instead of Russia; for 2022, the US, instead of Qatar? The AG of the US is now the FIFA, not President, but Dictator?  Exceptionalism in overdrive?

And if there is any doubt that the US marketing team is ever busy with ‘focus groups’ looking for awesome ‘sound bite’ headlines, we have that doubt crushed,

Richard Weber, the chief investigator of the IRS criminal investigations unit, said: “This is really the World Cup of fraud and today we are issuing Fifa a red card,” adding: “The fans shouldn’t have to worry about officials corrupting their sport.”

[bold added for emphasis]

That such a quip should come from the US makes it all the more hilarious. But run they did, the feckless corporate MSM with that bit of nonsense that sells so well in the US.

Which brings to mind just one of many examples of sums missing or squandered, albeit not even close to the dimensions of US$150m. Again, The Guardian, How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq. And watched it vanish.

From only a few years ago – if one can ignore the US President’s exhortation to not look backward, only forward – we learn,

The US flew nearly $12bn in shrink-wrapped $100 bills into Iraq, then distributed the cash with no proper control over who was receiving it and how it was being spent.

The staggering scale of the biggest transfer of cash in the history of the Federal Reserve has been graphically laid bare by a US congressional committee.

In the year after the invasion of Iraq in 2003 nearly 281 million notes, weighing 363 tonnes, were sent from New York to Baghdad for disbursement to Iraqi ministries and US contractors. Using C-130 planes, the deliveries took place once or twice a month with the biggest of $2,401,600,000 on June 22 2004, six days before the handover.

And the corporate US MSM on this? Or on similar misadventures? The ‘sound bite’ chatter from the Offices of the US Attorneys-General of yore or hoy? FIFA? US$150m?

As the undisguised attempt at a grab at the sizeable market of FIFA continues, the sense is that being excluded, with Canada, from UNASUR or MERCOSUR or ALBA or BRICS or CELAC must have triggered something or the other?

Yet one piece of good news, but still bad as it shows that barely concealed desperation for market access, elsewhere, anywhere, is that.  US formally drops Cuba from terrorism ‘black list’. The curmudgeon may well ask, in light of world events over the last several decades, ‘Has the world dropped the US from terrorism “black list”‘?

…so then, is fifa ‘an unusual and extraordinary’ threat to the security of the us?…