…’free trade’, tpa, tpp, ttip – ahab and moby dick…

…is the us president now emulating ahab as role model?…

Clear inexperience is evident, even here. Obsessed with smiting his indomitable nemesis, the grandiloquent one has enlisted yet more allies to his cause. Unfortunately, these allies have demonstrated superb incompetence. Not only that, among the many, very experienced and well-known in the sphere of economics, are two who have rallied to the defence  of Senator Warren, the new Moby Dick of a floundering, foundering Ahab.

Paul Krugman who has to date expressed disappointment at the churlishness of the attacks against Senator Elizabeth Warren, whose education, experience and probity on the issue have caused such exasperation. This time he resorts to slight indirection to make his point. Instead of directly calling out the culprits, he takes on the messenger. with the implicit caution to the source on slavish stenography, ‘A word to the wise…’, Hypocritical Sloth

Even the average high school student can ‘read between the lines’,

Yesterday Politico posted a hit piece on Elizabeth Warren, alleging that she’s being hypocritical in her opposition to a key aspect of TPP, that’s interesting in several ways. First, it was clearly based on information supplied by someone close to or inside the Obama administration – another illustration of the poisonous effect the determination to sell TPP is having on the Obama team’s intellectual ethics.

So, yet another attack, and this time from Politico. When will these petulant, infantile attacks ever end?

Bad news, as along comes a much more interested party, which has been touting the ‘free trade’ and all its wondrous benefits. But bad news for the hapless attacker, as Dean Baker remains indefatigable in exposing the obfuscations, prevarications, and such from a ‘sloppy’ corporate MSM – to be kind. We read, WaPo Takes Another Shot at Senator Warren on Behalf of the TPP.

In his inimitable style, Baker shows up the truly tiresome nonsense proffered as argument. Indicative but insufficient to do full justice, are these excerpts,

The fast-track authority needed to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress must be in real trouble. Why else would the Washington Post devote so much space to pushing the deal and attacking its critics?

The latest was a diatribe by editorial board member Jonathan Capehart which is directed largely at Senator Elizabeth Warren. The piece starts by basically calling Senator Warren a liar for describing the TPP as “secret.”…

Okay, so the deal is secret from 99.9999 percent of the country, but Warren is wrong to call it “secret.” It is true that members of Congress and a limited number of staff with clearance can read the deal. They cannot take notes and cannot discuss details of the deal with people without security clearance.

What next? Assuming away any ‘pivot’ to – perish the thought! – that Henry II Exasperation, we lean to a more benign view from another who has reveled in and ridiculed the unrelenting amateurishness of the campaign to further empower the multinational corporation (MNC) in government and society, not just domestically but internationally, Are you for the TPP? OR WOULD YOU RATHER SEE THE TERRORISTS WIN?

Truly ingenious. The mere mention of TPA or TPP or TTIP or TISA would constitute ugly, unpatriotic endorsement of ‘the bad guys’, and thereby a violation of national security? Now that surely has a nicer ring to it? And all opposition squelched. Instantly. With no need to contemplate drones. Or even hint at the name not Thomas Aquinas but Thomas à Becket?

…’o, what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!’, or even try to do so, again and again…