…the bestirring of the real us? a young voice resonates, strongly…

…cataclysmic, but beneficial, change for a doddering empire?…

That event that changes history? One politician in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The Guardian report provides the report on this young lady, Ivy Ziedrich, a student who demonstrates eloquently that there is among her many incurious fellow citizens another small yet growing group that is unimpressed by, and rejects, tiresome platitudes of politicians that had been so successful in persuading and placating their elders on issues, large and small, on which little or nothing would then be done, except for the special interest groups.

And not only eloquent is Ms Ziedrich, she has also shown more insight into international affairs, at her ‘tender’ age, than the jaded US cocktail party MSM. And more embarrassingly for the corporate media, in ever increasing disrepute, is that the young lady is unintimidated, uninterested in being invited to social political functions, and can therefore ask serious questions – and no amount of condescension would deter her. What has been obvious to even those casually informed on international affairs is that most of these flattered politicians are generally clueless on international affairs, with the implicit understanding that the fawning media would act accordingly.

Student who told Jeb Bush ‘Your brother created Isis’ speaks out about incident. That telling excerpt,

Ivy Ziedrich, a 19-year-old University of Nevada student, addressed the likely presidential candidate after he spoke at town hall event in Reno, telling him: “Your brother created Isis.”

To most of the world this is indisputable, yet the US MSM would avoid that fact – as it would, with the disastrous misadventures of Bush’s incumbent successor in Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iraq 2.0, Afghanistan 2.0.

What Ms Ziedrich, a mere student, has done is to indict the corporate MSM and its fecklessness. The late Helen Thomas would have been very proud. The blogs and alternative media will surely maintain that momentum to ensure that that lot be finally consigned to the dustbin of history.

Then there is the report of a 10-year-old, not the first victim in the US, which if true, can be a learning experience, an inspiration for civic action. By adulthood his US may just have more than today’s mere handful of politicians as exemplars, a concern implied in those letters the ingenious US mail carrier was unsuccessful, but dramatically so, in delivering to the august members of his US Congress.

…does the world finally see the first ray of that sunshine to herald the true morning in the us, a country that at last rises to its responsibilities?…