…protests, sleep, celebrations of weddings or births – death and funerals assured…

…death dispensed generously to all ages, with apologies only for the especial…

Abby Zimet of common dreams has a look at another time in the US. This occasion, Philadelphia. Burn, baby! Burn! An ‘oldie’ but a ‘goodie (???)’. That ‘Beacon of Democracy’ was burning bright in Philadelphia.

Let the Fire Burn: The “Morally Reprehensible” Attack on MOVE

In what many deem “the pinnacle of police brutality” – and the only time the U.S. has bombed its own citizens – Philadelphia police 30 years ago today fired 10,000 rounds and many tear gas cannisters at a house holding the Black Power group MOVE, dropped an explosive on them from a helicopter, then infamously decided to “let the fire burn.” The ensuing conflagration killed 11 people, including 5 children, and destroyed over 60 houses. There were only two survivors: A woman who used the name Ramona Africa, and a 13-year-old boy Birdie Africa. A subsequent investigation and report called the police response “a criminally evil act.” Marking what is often viewed as a case study in policy failures by police, prosecutors and judges whose bloody legacy lives on today, no law enforcement was ever held accountable.

And those folk were US citizens, whose crime was to be oppressed, and refusing to accept their lot in life. Death was to be their destiny.

The Guardian reports on one of the many routine denials of slaughter US armed forces or its mercenaries commit – unless Europeans are the victims. In its battle with one of its creations, IS (formerly ISIS/ISIL), the US military would decide to visit death upon a family that had decided to go to sleep one night in a village in Iraq,

Slaughter of Iraqi family in suspected US-led air strike hints at cost of war. None of the dead and injured were of European ‘stock’. ‘Cost of war’?

And it seems apparent that failure to invite a certain class of people to weddings is frowned upon, UN Officials: We Demand Answers for US Wedding Massacres in Yemen

That would be left for this, Obama regrets drone strike that killed hostages but hails US for transparency.

The White House was forced to concede on Thursday that it killed two innocent hostages – one American, one Italian – in a drone strike that targeted an al-Qaida compound despite officials not knowing precisely who was in the vicinity.

Even if European, life is no guarantee when dronomania must be satisfied. Merely membership dues of the ‘Partnership’. The Grateful Dead.

And the level of depravity in the behaviour seems so often to surpass its previous excess – just this (paywall). Nato ‘covered up’ botched night raid in Afghanistan that killed five.

‘Heroes’ digging bullets out of murdered civilians, among whom were two pregnant woman – as higher-ups all the while would confidently assert, with customary incentives to the local ‘officials’, only ‘bad guys’ (simplistic words) were dispatched to hell. Belaboured acknowledgment of the ‘error’ would come from the very same callous, exceptionalist deniers – months later: Tough luck, ‘brownies’, ‘towel heads’. As compensation for the murdered loved ones, why not couple really, really expensive sheep.

So, while ‘that class’ of people, the ‘disposable’ mass, is busy trying to celebrate life or even sleep, another ‘class’ meets for a group photo, and for government and private business, and, yes, that personal ‘legacy’ thing – contributions for this or that post-presidential ‘philanthropic’ initiative. Death and destruction can be rewarding – to the executioners,

…er, weapons must be used and replaced by newer, more ‘awesome’ models, for which, well, a few must be well rewarded – nothing personal, it’s just business…