…somebody ttipsy?… tpp, sen warren and who? who?…

…or now a ‘pivot’ – ralph nader, sizzingly new comic?…

Ralph Nader, lawyer, author and activist, who has accomplished – in both word and deed – has us wondering: Is he tipsy? Or testing the waters as comic?

Surely he jests? Nader suggests that the US President Obama debate, yes, debate, the topic of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with Sen, former Law Professor and high public official, Warren. The very Sen Warren? In the post of a copy of his letter to the US President, Obama: Debate Senator Warren on Global Economic Pact, at common dreams, Nader states in his letter,

You have accused critics of spreading misinformation, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and Lori Wallach, the director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, who is known for her meticulous research and who was at Harvard Law School during your time there.

[bold added for emphasis]

The sceptic, the curmudgeon would wonder if Mr Nader is subtly seeking to cajole his readers to compare the bona fides, the track records of the proposed protagonists? Of course, no one can easily see the accomplishments of either during a similar stage of their Senate career. Or performance (and output) as Law Professor (or Instructor) at university. Clearly, that is not Mr Nader’s intention?

You are quoted in the Washington Post decrying “misinformation” circulating on the TPP and pledging that you are “going to be pushing back very hard if I keep on hearing that.” Fine. Push back before tens of millions of people with Senator Elizabeth Warren as your debating counterpart. If you agree, be sure that interested Americans have a copy of the TPP deal first so that they can be an informed audience.

President Obama debate Sen Warren on global economic pact before tens of millions? If not meant as a joke, why not, as rehearsal, the US President debate Nabila before a mere tens – on drones? Now that’s an idea! And if he survives Nabila….

…only looking forward and not looking back, we often find the past has the uncomfortable tendency to be there waiting…