…the spirit of hugo chávez walks abroad in the land…

…even in death still confounding his discredited persecutors…

The recent death of a Saudi King has brought to the fore the democratic ideals espoused and enforced by the present and former Western empires, and the great unwashed of the world is ever more bemused. But before we get there, a tart observation from the Independent, Public floggings, chopping off hands and death by stoning for adultery: How the punishments in Saudi Arabia compare to those of Isis. And this says it all, For many, the Saudi justice system sounds not unlike that of the Isis, the extremist Islamist group which has struck fear in much of the Middle East

In other words the group is cut from the same cloth, MiniMe. In another era, the traditional MSM would have ensured unchallenged glowing tributes, and nothing else, controlling the flow of the truth. But not in this era.

Glen Greenwald at the Intercept takes us straight to the matter with this technique so popular with fastidious teachers, COMPARE AND CONTRAST: OBAMA’S REACTION TO THE DEATHS OF KING ABDULLAH AND HUGO CHÁVEZ. His colleague would examine the King’s contribution to civilisation, SAUDI ARABIA’S TYRANT KING MISREMEMBERED AS MAN OF PEACE.

As the US President curtailed a state visit to India to go and pay homage to the late king and enlist a possible later benefactor kingdom, after lecturing the Indians on tolerance and respect for women, The Guardian would report to the world, Obama forced to defend Saudi Arabia cosiness after India tolerance speech. As recognised for quite some time, that soaring rhetoric of morality, human rights and democracy, having soared, promptly disappears into nothingness – or some recording for the ‘Presidential Library’.

As for impeccable timing, the US President’s arrival dovetailed neatly with events that would normally be given short shrift by corporate media. Here there was no escape, Just five days in, Saudi Arabia’s new king has already overseen a beheading – as Obama flies in to pay respects to late ruler.

King Salman refused to intervene in beheading of alleged rapist, whose case drew an unprecedented reaction from those living in Saudi Arabia on social media

Pepe Escobar in the cross-post at rt adds his deft touch to the gathering, where few US officials seem to have remained in the US, ‘Empire of Chaos’ in the House, with this little nugget,

Apparently, the game of thrones at “our” bastard’s abode leads to everything staying the same; they remain “our” privileged bastard. The Pentagon even came up with the lovely idea of having the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sponsor an essay competition to honor late King Abdullah.

To add a touch of irony comes Corey Robin over at the crooked timber blog with that ‘compare and contrast’ of the entire US establishment’s groveling ($$$) homage to the great, late king of Saudi Arabia compared with the late and heroic Hugo Chávez, whose respective accomplishments and contributions to humanity are there for examination. The sardonic heading says it all, Opinions May Vary.

…and 2015 is only just started…