…’a child, a child sleeping in the cold…’ – no us party contributions…

…the forced rhyme of ‘silver and gold’; in reality, merely an electronic transfer…

As the US President lauds himself for his accomplishments by word, the blazing light of truth shines on another area of US ‘democracy’. Those Central American refugees, as is long known to those not informed by the US MSM, have been fleeing the violence, the chaos, and the destruction in which the US has been a major player – just in November was commemorated the 25th year of the slaughter of Jesuit priests in El Salvador; and only more recently the overthrow of the democratically elected President of Honduras, and the ensuring violence, chaos and a continuing wave of homicides.

So what did we have at the US borders over which the President has deported more than any of his predecessors? Freezing cells and sleep deprivation: the brutal conditions migrants still face after capture How does one victim see her plight?

Peralta (not her real name) was put into a 15ft by 45ft concrete cell with about 30 other migrants from Central America who had made the similar dangerous and traumatic journey. Her clothes were still wet from crossing the river, but according to the account she gave human rights researchers, CBP officers wouldn’t let her change into the dry clothes she had ready in her backpack.

The cell was a “cold box”, she said, and she and her child shivered on the concrete floor. She reported losing sense of time, as there were no windows in the border station where they were being held.

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And this is in the US, neither the infamous US ‘Salt Pit’ of Afghanistan nor its ‘Strawberry Fields’ of Guantánamo? And the US President is? So much for hope and change – risible.

And, here, Julia Lurie, The US Government Deported 438,000 People in 2013. 83 Percent Never Got a Hearing. One excerpt,

As Sarah Mehta, an ACLU human rights researcher and an author of the report, put it, “Almost every location that we went to across the northern and southern borders had the same stories: of people not knowing what their rights were when they got deported, given a form to sign that they didn’t understand, often in a language they didn’t know, and essentially pushed across the border. The stories of coercion—of mistreatment, of people being threatened with indefinite detention, of people losing their children—those stories also were not just a one-off.”

In cruel contrast, the response was instantaneous for the special ‘ yearning to breathe free’, with sufficient inducements for the induced, the US Democratic party – confirmation that both parties (‘Blue’ and ‘Red’) are really one, Green (US$$$). As we learn, Money Buys Influence in US for Fugitive Ecuadorean Bankers. To the point,

Family members of Ecuador’s fugitive Isaias brothers appear to have received preferential treatment in the U.S. thanks to political donations to the Democratic Party, The New York Times revealed Tuesday.

Estefania Isaias — the daughter of Roberto Isaias, one of two brothers wanted in Ecuador for bank fraud — had been barred from entering the United States after committing immigration fraud. That ban was lifted thanks to the intervention of high-ranking officials in the U.S. State Department. The lifting of the ban was made possible thanks to the assistance of Robert Menendez, a Democratic Senator.


Estefania’s sister Maria also faced a ban on entering the United States and Menendez’s office once again worked to intervene in her favor — also after receiving a donation from the Isaias family.

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Now if only that child ‘sleeping in the cold’ had arrived with some silver and gold, provenance unimportant – instant admission and citizenship for the family, and a ‘selfie’ with some important US politician.

And, as if the timing of events could not be more ironic, the US would only recently debar former Nazi and SS officers from receiving US Social Security, which does not bring to mind comparisons with recent US history. And as another 25th anniversary is the US invasion of Panama on 20 Dec 1991, the country at which the US President is scheduled to appear in 2015, when the Latin America and Caribbean regions will formally welcome its true friend and ally of decades, Cuba.

…confusing times for some truly confused us policy-makers…