…papa francisco, ‘che’ guevara, and a pariah nation – a curtain drawn…

…’don’t cry for us, argentina – instead, lawyers we will need at the hague.’…

News was good. The bad is the evidence of the power of wealth, as a few Cuban emigrés would skew US policy for so many decades, with a little help from frenzied ‘anti-Communist’ politicians.

Back to the good. Pope Francis had interceded to facilitate provisional entry back into the fold of the civilised nations of Latin America and the Caribbean, a universally derided US. Of course, lost in the news is that virtually all of the region had earlier informed the US and its enthusiastically inexperienced President that henceforth any meeting of LAC countries that the US (or even its Canada) attends, Cuba must be present; otherwise, in essence, ‘buzz’ off.

Also, not shaming – too great an expectation – but exposing the nefarious motives of the US was the recent Presidential victory of Dilma Rousseff of Brazil. As we recall Dilma was spied on, as was the country’s citizens and institutions, by the US; and tortured by US-trained torturers. And no need to mention President Mujica of Uruguay or the father of President Bachelet of Chile. We could go on with Venezuela, Boliva and Ecuador – but that would to belabour the obvious. And in the world of the blog and the alternative media, the US MSM are increasingly powerless to hide or distract.

Thus, in such an environment, and confronted by the fading importance of its Western accomplices and the rising importance of other states that have been victims of its unsolicited ‘ministrations’, a Deus ex Machina was urgently needed, and statim. And who better than Pope Francis? After all, it was this Pope who had inveighed against inequality, an issue immediately seized upon for political advantage by an opportunistic US President, who would predictably do nothing more than talk.

Making the Pope’s intervention more relevant is the grotesque role attributed to the writings of St Thomas Aquinas and St Augustine in the US President’s decision in his ‘Terror Tuesday’ meetings with his mentor to rain death and destruction down onto innocents and arbitrarily designated ‘suspects’ in Moslem countries. The credulous are left to believe that, within these writings, came validation for such cynical actions, crimes. The US MSM’s role in glorification of such a ‘philosopher-president’ would come roaring back as evidence in late 2014. Thankfully, at the time were alarms sounded by more reputable and responsible.

For example, from a Catholic blog would come, Obama: Murder in the Name of Augustine and Aquinas?. Couple samples.

The hypocrisy is thick.

And that one sentence says it all. But more seasoning to cook the goose,

 Chris Floyd sees the absurdity in the following passage, from the Times’ laudatory article, “Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will.”:

“Aides say Mr. Obama has several reasons for becoming so immersed in lethal counterterrorism operations. A student of writings on war by Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, he believes that he should take moral responsibility for such actions.

[bold added for emphasis]

The irony of that exalted ‘student’ thing is revealing.

About the same time, The Guardian would also remind those who cared to pay attention, Drone strikes: playing God in Pakistan. Some snippets to show the moral bankruptcy,

Thomas Aquinas, Augustine and John Brennan – two saints and a counter-terrorism adviser – may give the counsel a president feels he needs before adding another al-Qaida suspect to his kill list. But whatever else these authorities do, they do not constitute due process – and Barack Obama’s administration knows it. It is doing everything it can to avoid scrutiny. It is refusing to publish its standards for putting people on terrorist or assassination lists. What are the target limits?

As we see, there is a history to the US President’s complicity. And for that not even Pope Francis can grant absolution; instead he may grant the certainty that if malefactors do escape justice, their misdeeds will still reverberate through history. For 2015 a hope for change may be realised if the Pope can guide the US President and his régime away from unnecessary, self-destructive policies?

In a nutshell, the Cuba ‘pivot’ earns the US some begrudging tolerance in the region, but its other major ‘misdeeds’ still tower over this. That US failure to look backward, to confront its past, will pronounce its verdict, sooner than expected. And looking forward, we anticipate a Cuban presence at the OAS meeting in Panama, when a moment of silence is requested for the late President Chávez.

…and yes, the pope, argentine, as was ernesto ‘che’ guevara; both fighters against injustice and inequality – the ironies…