…the taming of the shrew? when? not these three ladies of the us congress…

…some ladies still do not know their place, do they?…

Famously cautioned into respectful silence (for career political advancement) by the peerless Larry Summers, Senator Elizabeth Warren with her solid CV did not need to evaluate her own worth, intellectual, professional and moral – as so embarrassingly displayed in the ‘US halls of power’. Embarrassingly? Yes, as we will see.

Two utterly corporate parties, the Democratic and the Republican, that have for so long duped their supporters and other victims into believing the ‘badness’ of the other side would have their duplicity revealed and embarrassingly so.

One party would routinely inveigh against Wall Street and the corporate class, and against the role of abusive corporate contributions in US politics, and an unrelenting fight for ‘minorities’; and the other would be very gung-ho in opposition to whatever the other says.

That ritual would then be given prominent, breathless coverage by the US MSM, active participant and beneficiary in the whole charade. As observers would note, whenever elections would draw near, some ‘news commentators’, agents of the self-promoting party of the ‘minorities’, would engage in strong ‘meae culpae’ – and then go on to recommend that, notwithstanding possible transgressions, the party of the ‘oppressed’ should still be voted for, since it is the ‘lesser of two evils’. And the sad reality is that so many US voters, lulled into their unique ‘learned helplessness’, would fall into the same trap, time and time again.

This time the Congressional vote on the year-end omnibus (‘CROmnibus’) bill would be exposed as a cynical hoax in which the US President, no longer a surprise, would be an active accomplice. Senator Warren would be joined by members of Congress, Maxine Waters and, later, a canny Nancy Pelosi to highlight and criticise the abuse that would be heaped on the US citizen: incorporation of a giveaway to finance (such as subsidies for derivatives trading) designed by Citigroup and the opening of floodgates of campaign contributions by corporations.

As David Dayen, as one example, over at the fiscal times would note in his, CRomnibus Disaster Signals a Sad New Normal in D.C.  Interesting snippets,

House Democrats, under the thought leadership of Elizabeth Warren, waged a monumental yet ultimately unsuccessful fight against two dangerous provisions in the so-called “CRomnibus” year-end spending package. But regardless of whether or not the budget bill included a rollback of derivatives reforms, or a nearly ten-fold increase in the donation limits for party committees, the battle on Thursday illuminated how the next two years in Washington will play out, and it doesn’t bode well for anyone who doesn’t employ a personal registered lobbyist.

In fact, the high-profile measures obscured how the CRomnibus boosts special interests at the expense of ordinary people in a host of other ways…

The strenuous, principled efforts led by These Three Ladies of the US Congress would be subsequently defeated by their erstwhile colleagues and the majority in the opposition party, as ‘visions of sugar plums (present and future wealth and power) dancing in their heads’ brooked no opposition whatsoever – the customary excuse would satisfy their conditioned voters, ‘We had to make compromises. That’s the reality of politics.’

Yet, for the US the reality is that the game, the hoax continues – aside that ‘minor awkward’ disruption. So much for US democracy in action. And, embarrassingly – at least for remaining apologists, and for all to see – is a US President (CV and all) shown to be much less that of ‘hope and change’ than of ‘bait and switch’.

…but to improve on that misused saying, ‘these ladies were not for turning’…