…torture r us, and more – with a little help from our friends…

… ‘…now let it work. mischief, thou art afoot. take thou what course thou wilt’…

As the fallout continues on a few official revelations of US odious and murderous practices, character profiles do arise from the various ‘categories’ of such malevolence. Over at firedoglake, Former CIA Director’s Barbaric Defense of Using ‘Rectal Rehydration’ Against Detainees. Snippets of this chilling report on evil incarnate,

… The detainees had feeding or intravenous tubes forced into their rectums in order to help interrogators gain control of them. And, horrifically, former CIA director Michael Hayden has appeared on television to defend how interrogators used this medical procedure to sexually assault and dominate detainees.

His defense of this brutal conduct against detainees builds on his record of lies and fabrication, which are clearly documented in a 37-page appendix to the torture report’s summary.


The use of sexual assault continues under President Barack Obama at Guantanamo Bay. The prison staff requires prisoners to be subjected to genital searches before they can meet with legal counsel or have phone calls with their lawyer.

In the set of profiles of the characters, descriptors would include sadist, sociopath, psychopath, pervert. Under the heading of Evil Incarnate, War Criminals – or US Patriots as the accomplices would have it. The descriptors are immediately evident on viewing or hearing each actor, who continues to benefit from constant, enabling US MSM coverage. Kevin Gosztola’s post is a chilling indictment of war criminals who would adorn several decks of cards.

In that context, it is worth recalling that the US President a short while ago had pardoned two turkeys in an event lavishly covered by corporate US media, which had loyally ignored a ‘minor’ event of some time back, as reported over at common dreams, Congressional No-Show at ‘Heart-Breaking’ Drone Survivor Hearing. Excerpts of a telling indictment,

Despite being heralded as the first time in history that U.S. lawmakers would hear directly from the survivors of a U.S. drone strike, only five elected officials chose to attend the congressional briefing that took place Tuesday.


In her testimony, Nabila shared that she was picking okra with her grandmother when the U.S. missile struck and both children described how they used to play outside but are now too afraid.

“I no longer love blue skies. In fact, I now prefer grey skies. Drones don’t fly when sky is grey,” said Zubair, whose leg was injured by shrapnel during the strike.

“My grandmother was nobody’s enemy,” he added.

And the US President, not surprisingly, was far from that scene.

As for that groveling sycophantic US accomplice to torture and slaughter, the UK, fresh tinder is now being thrown onto dying embers of unprosecuted criminality starved of energy by its political class.

Now comes news from the Independent that the ICC, heretofore deferential to the West, is to investigate atrocities of British soldiers, Iraq torture claims: New allegations against British soldiers to go to International Criminal Court. Snippets,

Hundreds of new cases accusing British soldiers of abusing – in many cases torturing – Iraqi men, women and children, aged from 13 to 101, are to be considered by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Britain is already under scrutiny for alleged war crimes committed by its forces in Iraq. The ICC is currently examining a dossier of claims presented by lawyers and human rights campaigners earlier this year that could lead to a full investigation.


Many victims have been left scarred for life. One government worker, 34, reported to have been “repeatedly beaten” and “electrocuted”, suffered “severe psychological injuries as a result of his treatment…. He set himself alight and killed himself approximately one year after his release”.

One document says the wife and daughters of a fireman aged 60 “were punched, slapped… and beaten with rifles” during a raid on his home in December 2003 in which he was beaten unconscious.

[bold added for emphasis]

How hard to identify evil?

And, as a test of the sincerity of the US Senate’s investigation into torture comes a UK response – an official request, and a very curious one at that, for the unredacted mentions, the details of the UK and its enabling and participating in torture from Sir Malcolm Rifkind. As The Guardian reports, Come clean on British links to CIA torture, MPs tell US Senate.

The head of the powerful Commons intelligence and security committee is demanding that the US hand over its archive of material documenting Britain’s role in the CIA’s abduction and torture programme developed in the wake of the 9/11 attack.

The disclosure that Rifkind, chair of the intelligence and security committee (ISC), is to officially request material relating to the UK but redacted in the Senate report follows confirmation that references to Britain’s intelligence agencies were deleted at their request from the document, and that UK government representatives had 24 meetings with members of the US committee responsible for the findings.

[bold added for emphasis]


The clandestine abduction operations featuring British intelligence agencies to Libya also involved children, a fact omitted from last week’s Senate report.

[bold added for emphasis]

Even if political theatre, the request may serve to further entice curiosity that may reach the still so very many ever inattentive in both countries.

Really, these are the countries that lecture the world on human rights and human dignity, and on the wonders of their democracy and their freedoms?

And the dodging of responsibility would become apparent early in the Obama administration. A 2009 post from fdl should have served as warning of what to expect of a US Attorney General of Marc Rich and Chiquita (Colombia) fame, an Attorney General, who having ‘attained the utmost round, he then unto the ladder turns his back…’, Holder Overturns Justice Jackson and Nuremberg.

Attorney General Holder now sits in the upper levels of the chain of command, and he is being confronted with exactly the kind of “higher duty” question when it comes to investigating not simply the underlings who exceeded their authority but the very people who granted the authority in the first place. Sadly, he prefers to let the rubber stamp of authority rule over the needs of the nation to hold those in authority to account.

As ‘extenuating circumstances’, one may well have to factor in the ‘pedigree’ of such folk, especially a formerly obscure Illinois politician with little or no track record who would become President, and the reason for their being where they were selected to be and their great expectations of lavish compensation for a ‘job well done’.

And, yes, that Super US innovation of ‘learned helplessness’ that makes a novice of the late Dr Mengele – did those two latter day Super Patriots apply their artifices on so many of the US populace, but in a less maleficent way? That these citizens should be responsive to no more than Jack Bauer, reality shows and corporate sports – their reality? ‘At this commercial break, Do the following… go for a beer…’

In a nutshell, neither failure to comply with the demands of justice nor the distractions of the compliant, complicit corporate MSM will mean the disappearance of the crimes committed by the US and its allies – unless the more independent blogs and non-traditional media are ‘disappeared’.

Is the US attitude to the world, its foreign policy faithfully captured?

…I am in blood
Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o’er…

…the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice? how long?…