…what? us senate to punish venezuela – for ‘state-sponsored’ violence?…

…is there no end to the hypocrisy and sanctimoniousness?…

As if there is no end to the thing. The US Senate seeks to impose sanctions on Venezuela? We turn to The Guardian, US Senate passes Venezuela sanctions bill citing ‘state-sponsored violence’. From which a snippet,

The US Senate has passed legislation that would direct President Barack Obama to levy sanctions against Venezuelan government officials or others accused of perpetrating acts of violence or human rights abuses of anti-government demonstrators.

And from a US Senate that had voted for the wanton slaughter, torture and utter destruction in an Iraq that had posed no threat whatsoever to the US or its ally, the UK? With corporate MSM as cheerleaders?

And, yes, that photo, impressive. One that could have been taken in Venezuela or in some studio in Miami?

So then. This threat to Venezuela comes from the country whose proxies failed in their attempt in April 2002 to overthrow the democratically elected government of the late President Hugo Chávez, and with many innocent people killed? The same country that has since then been trying to destabilize that country? The same country that has been instigating the ‘elites’ of Venezuela to seek violent confrontation, to create civil unrest in the country?

And, embarrassingly, from a country that would on the very next day see a report published on its own brutal, sadistic torture (and murder) of innocent people and suspected enemies? From a country whose Senator, Dianne Feinstein, who, in releasing the report, would utter words like, ‘…a stain on our values and on our history…’?

From a country whose President (‘…we tortured some folks…’) of indomitable inexperience and exuberant cynicism would also declare that his country’s use of torture, ‘…contrary to our values…’ And that same President who fought to delay the release of an admitted sanitized presentation of the facts, with his very Secretary of State demanding up to the last minute that the sanitized thing not be released? (An irony: the same President would couple couple weeks before ‘pardon’ two turkeys in some annual ritual for US Thanksgiving.)

Not lost on many is the fact that the same President has long been aware of such practices and that the same President has also been killing hundreds of innocents men, women and children with his drone strikes – not to mention the recent loss of innocent lives in Yemen in yet another failed Rambo Adventure of ZeroDarkSomething. (To mention Libya and Syria would be overkill?)

And not lost on many is that fact that war crimes and crimes against humanity must be prosecuted, by international agreement, and those who fail to do so are complicit? And where is the traditional corporate MSM in all this? Now there is the rub.

An observation of the departing US Senator Mark Udall seems to suggest the character of the US regime,

Expressing disappointment in Obama and the current White House chief of staff, Denis McDonough, Udall said that White House complicity in obscuring the CIA’s torture record jeopardized Obama’s anti-torture stance and undermined Obama’s pledge to run a transparent administration.

“Actions speak louder than words,” Udall said.

Marcy Wheeler presents the statement of the UN Special Rapporteur and her own analysis.

Ben Emmerson is the UN’s Special Rapporteur on counterterrorism and human rights. His statement released yesterday in response to the SSCI torture report points out the clear responsibilities that the US has under the Convention Against Torture and other international human rights laws to prosecute not only those who carried out torture, but those who designed the torture program and gave orders for its implementation.

Nothing ambiguous about that statement. Other reputable human rights agencies have reached the same conclusion.

And lest there be any doubt of prior warning and evidence presented on the need for accountability for the reflexive violence and war crimes committed by the US, we have this chestnut from Richard Norton-Taylor, Donald Rumsfeld must be indicted over Iraq militias.

If there were any lingering doubts about whether the former US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, should be indicted before a criminal court, evidence that he asked a veteran of American dirty wars in central America to help set up vicious sectarian militias in Iraq should end them once and for all.

And in that we see the craven conspiracy of silence on the part of the corporate MSM. Thus, for all this feigned shock and surprise by the very US officials, media and even the citizens of the country, there should be ridicule.

…so, again. the us seeks to punish the democratically elected venezuelan government – for still failing to surrender its independence and resources to us corporate interests?…