…a sparkling week for us democracy – the charade of the ‘light’ brigade… 

…as the past meets the present to remind the region (and the world)…

The President of Brazil whose country was spied on by the United States would on Wednesday, 10 December, release the findings of the country’s Truth Commission. To The Guardian we go for, Brazil president weeps as she unveils report on military dictatorship’s abuses. A few excerpts,

The Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, wept on Wednesday as she unveiled the findings of a Truth Commission investigation into the systematic murder, torture and other abuses carried out during the country’s military dictatorship.

After a nearly three-year study, the commission confirmed that 191 people were killed and 243 “disappeared” under military rule, which lasted from 1964 to 1985. More than 200 have never been found.


A share of the blame went to the United States and the UK, which were found to have trained Brazilian interrogators in torture techniques.

Among the victims of abuse was Rousseff, a former Marxist guerrilla who was beaten and jolted with electric shocks during her three-year detention at Tiradentes prison in the 1970s.

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And to bring our minds back to the tragedies inflicted on countries of Central America, as well as of South America, we are reminded,

Many Brazilian officers went to Panama to train at the School of the Americas, alongside military and police officers from almost every other Latin American country, whether run by dictators or not.

And we do know the reputation of that US-run School of the Americas, now ludicrously re-christened (?) Western Hemisphere Institute for Hemispheric Cooperation (WHINSEC). (Sort of brings to mind that infamous Black Water and its name changes.)

As we know, in the LAC region are leaders of solid accomplishments who have become Presidents – not some focus group or media promoted fabrication.

On a less traumatic episode in the Week of US Democracy in Action, the world is yet again atwitter with yet another initiative of the US to install democracy, US style. The Guardian again, US agency infiltrated Cuban hip-hop scene to spark youth unrest.

Hip-hop has emerged as the latest covert weapon in the US government’s hapless attempts to unseat Cuba’s communist government.

Like its previous efforts, including exploding cigars, Cuban Twitter and the botched Bay of Pigs invasion, the attempt to co-opt rappers ended in ignominious failure, new documents have shown.

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The reporters help us to fathom the machinations of the world’s greatest democracy, with this,

The operation followed a familiar pattern to other tactics in America’s secret war in Cuba – it was amateurish and profoundly unsuccessful.

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Of course, there have been similar unsuccessful operations. Sadly, in those operations innocent people have been killed or injured or rendered homeless and countries destroyed or destabilised – the perils of the ‘amateurish’.

And if we can return to irony, we have during the same week of the exposure of some of the revolting misdeeds of the US against its Muslim captives, the US Congress would vote sanctions against Venezuela – following up on the Monday vote of the US Senate. As Reuters would report, U.S. Congress passes sanctions on Venezuelan officials. Very straightforward,

(Reuters) – The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation on Wednesday to impose sanctions on Venezuelan government officials found to have violated protesters’ rights during demonstrations earlier this year.

So, in the face of reams of evidence of gruesome torture committed by (so far?) one agency of the US government, evidence that, by international law, demands prosecutions, US legislators instead demand sanctions against a country that its agencies have long been attempting to undermine? On such, no need to expect professionalism from the corporate US MSM. With oil prices declining, the hope is that prudence will counsel against some ‘nice’ riots and a quick invasion to protect ‘American lives’.

…the brazil report will remind other countries of the ‘architect’ of their misfortunes – the past is back for justice…