…11.11.1918, mere rehearsal for the more rewarding others…

…names such as Sykes-Picot secret agreement, Gertrude Bell and her maps; the present still chained to an ignoble past…

One hundred years ago it was wanton slaughter, and euphemistically called ‘The Great War’. Unlike those wars when the rich Westerners lost wealth, this time the rich gain further wealth since the lucrative ’boutique’ wars are waged on non-Western countries that lack the wherewithal for any more deterring response. And for this day comes a remarkable, compelling post from Michael Parenti over at common dreams,

1918: On When a War Ended (Though Others Would Follow)

It is the rich old men, i pauci, “the few,” as Cicero called the Senate oligarchs whom he faithfully served in ancient Rome. It is the few, who together constitute a bloc of industrialists and landlords, who think war will bring bigger markets abroad and civic discipline at home. One of i pauci in 1914 saw war as a way of promoting compliance and obedience on the labor front and—as he himself said—war “would permit the hierarchal reorganization of class relations.”

And in today’s environment, neither age nor sex, not only ‘the rich old men’, is an obstacle to wealth and profit from military misadventures. Yet, here is a message that will be lost on the intended recipient.

Four indestructible monarchies: Russian, German, Turkish, and Austro-Hungarian, four great empires, each with millions of bayonets and cannon at the ready, now twisting in the dim shadows of history. Will our children ever forgive us for our dismal confusion? Will they ever understand what we went through? Will we ? By 1918, four aristocratic autocracies fade away, leaving so many victims mangled in their wake, and so many bereaved crying through the night.

The BBC has some offerings that have captured the reality of the underlying motives for wars such as ‘The Great War’. Its ‘Fall of Eagles’ and ‘Riley, Ace of Spies’ do capture some of the essence to the plots. To conclude that those government officials or politicians involved in ‘matters of state’ are really doing so should be delayed until reality yields the answer, usually very much sooner than later.

…lessons learned?…